25 Facts To Know About Dr. Seiler


  1. During Dr. Seiler’s General Surgery training, he became greatly interested in the medical/surgical speciality of cosmetic laser and aesthetic procedures. He recognized a need for a specialist in Birmingham in the field of cosmetic laser & aesthetic procedures. This was a new, up and coming, medical/surgical specialty in which physicians in larger cities had specialized and devoted entire practices to the specialty of medical/surgical laser procedures and aesthetic injections. He is the only physician in Birmingham with a specialty Cosmetic Laser Surgery Board from the American Board of Laser Surgery that devotes his entire practice to cosmetic laser procedures and aesthetic injections. 
  2. After General Surgery in Birmingham, he sought out his own specialty training in cosmetic laser procedures and aesthetic injections due to the fact that this new specialty did not offer any official fellowship after primary training (although he is working with organizations to build one).
  3. Dr. Seiler started his private practice in 2007. Because of his passion for the field of laser medicine, he decided to build his own laser center in Homewood. He devoted himself completely, instead of practicing his General Surgery primary specialty until his cosmetic practice built. Despite a struggling economy for many years, he worked creatively to build his practice. He networked, met as many people as he could, worked to get referrals from other physicians and patients. In giving his patients’ expert care, he built his practice with the highest level of training, safety and results.
  4. Dr. Seiler has personally researched and selected each laser device, as there are many devices on the market ranging in low to high quality. One must be educated in the theory and physics of lasers enough to have the proper course of purchasing versus trusting a sales rep. Because of his ability to select the best devices, Dr. Seiler is able to offer the highest quality and results available. 
  5. Dr. Seiler continually researches new technologies and products and therefore offers the most up to date procedures and treatments. These procedures include such things as using Platelet Rich Plasma to help heal skin and regenerate tissue, high energy lasers to heal scars and stretch marks, and medical grade products sold only through physicians to compliment the procedures patients receive. 
  6. Over the years, Dr. Seiler has developed a highly trained and specialized practice with a very knowledgeable team. Our patients comment how they love their experience at our practice with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.
  7. Dr. Seiler is a trainer for several different laser and injection product companies. These include Lumenis Laser Company and Allergan (international manufacturer of Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Latisse, and SkinMedica).  He loves to share knowledge and experience locally and internationally in trainings, lectures and conferences. He has trained practitioners in over 120 practices in the US, Columbia, and Venezuela. 
  8. Dr. Seiler developed his own private training company to help educate and train physicians and practitioners in his laser & aesthetic specialty. 
  9. He became the Executive Director of the American Board of Laser Surgery, is the co-author of the text book and study materials for the written and oral exams for the ABLS board certification (the updated process of this took almost 2 years).  He became a board examiner and has educated and examined practitioners (physicians and physician extenders) in 11 different countries.  He has co-authored with a Cosmetic Dermatologist in India for an Indian Cosmetic Procedures Textbook (soon to be published). 
  10. Dr. Seiler works with state medical boards, cosmetology boards, and state regulatory/safety organizations, locally and across the country, to increase education and training regulations to improve practitioner’s quality of care and safety to patients (this work is to prevent complications due to lack of practitioner training and/or regulation). 
  11. He formulated a Regulatory Document (over 100 pages) on behalf of the ABLS which has been submitted to every state medical board to help with improvements to current laws regarding the use of lasers in a medical or surgical practice. 
  12. Dr. Seiler has been a Professional Expert Witness for attorneys in the US. He has been involved in over 20 cases (one of which went to full trial) in both plaintiff and defense work.  Cases usually involve malpractice, complications, standards of care, and safety issues.  He is passionate about this because patients who have had unnecessary complications need help and practitioners who have been wrongly accused should have professional expert defense.
  13. He has treated 1000s of patients from inside and outside of this state (as far away as Puerto Rico). He has performed 19,500 cosmetic laser and injection procedures to date in his practice with continued safe and effective results. Dr. Seiler has never had a major or permanent complication from those procedures.
  14. Dr. Seiler offers some pro bono work to certain types of patients, especially those with traumatic scars and/or complications from other procedures. 
  15. He has lectured to a Alabama Power Safety Meeting to educate people about sunscreen and the prevention of skin cancer.  He has also given lectures at chambers of commerce in town, special interest groups, and networking organizations.
  16. Dr. Seiler has presented research and educational materials at international conferences such as the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, La Trinidad Centro Medica Docenta in Caracas Venezuela, Aso Col Derma Congreso Columbiano De Dermatologia Bogota, Columbia, local college continuing education workshops, and multiple laser and injection company sponsored conferences, lectures, trainings and webinars.
  17. Has published articles and educational materials in his field including The American Board of Laser Surgery Examination Manual and Textbook, articles in Cosmetic Surgery Times, Plastic Surgery Practice, Medical Law Perspectives.  He has formulated training videos and webinars for training companies and laser manufacturers. He has donated to and sponsored multiple charities over the years, especially in helping to educate patients about skin cancer prevention with proper sunscreen use. 
  18. Dr. Seiler has received multiple letters of recommendation from physicians and practitioners around the world for the training and education he has provided in the field of laser & aesthetics. Many have mentioned how his training has changed their practice and increased their procedure results and safety and patient satisfaction. He is often called/emailed/contacted by practitioners around the world for education and even specific questions about help in treating their own patients with procedures (specific questions about laser settings and how to treat a particular patient or condition).  He is a well-respected responder to several medical/surgical/laser practitioner list-serves.
  19. Seiler Skin was recently named Med Esthetics Best of 2015 - Winner of the Happiest Employees. The nomination was submitted by our staff and won over thousands of other entries throughout the country. Med Esthetics is an internationally read medical journal in the cosmetic field. The Happiest Employees Award describes how approachable Dr. Seiler is and welcomes all of our staffs questions. Our staff talked about Dr. Seiler’s compassion for his patients, the daily thank-yous he gives to his staff, his positive words and clear communication are what brings out the best in them. All of this results in the highest level of patient care and satisfaction.
  20. Dr. Seiler has dedicated his education and time to patients with burns, scars, birthmarks, acne, and acne scars. This is in addition to the core cosmetic laser and injection procedures (laser skin resurfacing, laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, sun damage treatment, Botox, Fillers, treatment of medical skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, melisma, etc.).
  21. Dr. Seiler has developed a large male patient practice. He has helped men to feel more comfortable taking better care of their skin and feeling good about how they look. He also spends a lot of time educating them about the prevention of skin cancer with sunscreen.
  22. Even though the practice has grown tremendously over the years, Dr. Seiler continues to spend individual quality time with each and every patient. He still spends 45-90 minutes with each new patient consultation. 
  23. Dr. Seiler helps patients with referrals to other specialists to help them with any concern that he is not trained to address.  He works with multiple dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other specialists to coordinate a comprehensive treatment plan for the patient regardless of patient concern. This leads to a more successful approach to help the patient achieve their goals.
  24. Dr. Seiler is not a dermatologist and does not diagnose or treat skin cancer.  However, he insists that all of his patients receive yearly (or more often if indicated) skin cancer screenings.  He will not treat a patient with a laser procedure if they have not had a proper skin check.  He has had several patients who were resistant to seeing a dermatologist for a regular skin cancer screening, whom he encouraged to do so, and subsequently were diagnosed by a dermatologist as having a type of skin cancer that could have killed them (if left undiagnosed)but was able to be treated.  One patient in particular was a young female who claimed that a suspicious spot on her nose was “fine.”  Dr. Seiler insisted that she see a dermatologist he referred to and she was lucky that she did because the plastic surgeon who ultimately operated on her nose and face said it was the worst Basal Cell Carcinoma he had seen on the nose in a patient her age and that she was lucky that he was able to save her nose. 
  25. Over the years, Dr. Seiler has honed his craft and has become one of the leading respected experts in his field.  He offers the highest level of patient care and ensures great results with his treatment options.  

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