Are you unhappy with results from another practice?

Unfortunately, I hear it often that a new patient says, “I wish I had seen you first.”  Because I love what I do and I like to treat my patients well and make them happy, I hate to hear when a new patient has had a not-so-good experience somewhere else.  I try to make them feel better about coming to me by spending time with them and immediately telling them, “don’t worry, I can help you.”  Just trust me and give me a try!
I sat down with my wife, Jill, the other day to discuss this.  Jill knows that it bothers me when I see a new patient who was not properly treated at another place before finding me.  I have often wondered what are the reasons for this and I came up with a few that you as the reader (and hopefully current or future patient) might be able to relate to.
  1. The most common reason is that you just didn’t know I was here.  I have built my practice on good referrals from doctors and other happy patients and by having what patients tell us is a great website.  We really don’t do much advertising and we certainly don’t do Groupons for obvious reasons.
  2. You may not have known that I can help or treat you and the concerns, conditions, or problems you have.  In response to this, I have written a couple of blogs that will help you about The Seiler Skin Difference and one that explains my specialty of Cosmetic Laser Surgery.  There are also other blogs explaining how I treat certain conditions traditionally treated by dermatologists or plastic surgeons. 
  3. You trusted an advertisement.  That’s ok, sometimes you as a patient and a normal person just don’t know who to trust!  I understand and I feel for you.  Ads look great sometimes, and so can the website or place that is advertising.  You just have to be really careful these days.
  4. You trusted your dermatologist or other doctor whom you have been seeing for years to do “something else or new.”  Again, that’s not your fault.  You have to trust someone sometimes right?  That person might just not have been the best to treat your concern or condition.
  5. You just didn’t even know that what you were concerned about could be treated or that there was even a specialist like me available.  My specialty is rather new, stemming from aspects of dermatology, medicine, and plastic surgery, but very specific to the conditions I treat.  You can see this in another blog
  6. You got a gift certificate or just went somewhere cheaper.  Well, I don’t have to admonish you here, because if this is ever the reason, the patient always says, “I know, I know, I shouldn’t have gone there.”  Well, I will never give you a hard time about that.  I understand that we all want to save money, but you really do get what you pay for.
If any of these reasons or others I haven’t thought of (and tell me because I’d love to add your comments to a blog sometime if it will help others) are the reason you went somewhere else first, don’t worry or be upset with yourself.  We never make you feel bad about that because we understand.  Just come and let me and my expert staff take care of you and I promise you will see the Seiler Skin Difference!  You can read on our website, my blogs, and our patient reviews and doctor reviews everything you need to know about how we can help you. Our consultation with you will help you set up a plan to address all of your concerns and make you happy.  You will be pleased to know that there is someone out there who cares and sincerely wants to help you!