Hussein Ghanem, M.D.

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After practicing Dermatology for 30 years, 14 years of which focused on cosmetic dermatology, I decided to study for the exams of the American Board of Laser Surgery.  This proved to be a very fruitful experience.  Not only did I polish and update my knowledge about all aspects of Laser treatments & safety, but also became a part of an active group of skilled professionals sharing experiences & knowledge.  After passing the written exams, the oral exam with Dr. Warren B. Seiler III, MD was exceptionally rewarding.  During a 1-hour period we discussed numerous aspects of laser use in Cosmetic Medicine.  I benefited a lot from his technical expertise and suggestions and gained a new friend & colleague.

Hussein Ghanem, M.D.
Diplomate of ABLS
Consultant Dermatologist
Professor, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt