Lamprobe Post-Care Instructions

Lamprobe Post-Care Instructions

After treatment with the Lamprobe, the areas treated may feel irritated. Redness and scabbing may also occur. Please follow the below protocols for home care:
  • DO NOT PICK at the areas treated even if scabbing occurs, because prematurely removing the scabs may lead to infection, hyper/hypopigmentation, or scarring.
  • When cleansing the area, avoid using any products other than the recommended SkinMedica cleansers.  Pat the area dry instead of rubbing to prevent removal of the scab.
  • If instructed to do so, apply Cicalfate or Neosporin to the area multiple times per day to keep the area moist.
  • Use Elta MD or SkinMedica Sunblock as recommended.
  • Discuss with Dr. Seiler or his Nurse before using any other skin care products other than the cleanser and sunblock. 
  • You may continue all of your other medical grade skincare products, but do not put anything potentially irritating (retinol, acids, exfoliants) directly on the treated spot/lesion/area until instructed to do so. 
Notify Dr. Seiler if you have any questions, concerns, problems.  205-870-0204 or 205-873-2340. 

It is very important you understand the risks and signs of side effects and complications such as severe redness, swelling, blistering, burns, ulcers, pain, or signs of infection and must call the office and Dr. Seiler immediately if you have any questions or concerns.  

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