Q-Switched Laser Pre & Post Care Instructions

Q-Switched Laser Pre & Post Care Instructions

Pre-Care Instructions:
The following conditions which are CONTRAINDICATIONS to treatment: history of melanoma, raised moles, suspicious lesions, keloid scar formation, healing problems, active infections, open lesions, hives, herpetic lesions, cold sores, tattoos or permanent make-up in area of treatment, recent use of Accutane, tetracycline, or St. John’s wort in the last year, autoimmune diseases such as Lupus, Scleroderma, Vitiligo, pregnancy, trying to get pregnant, or nursing.

  • Do not tan or use self tanner in areas to be treated for 4 weeks prior.
  • Avoid any irritant chemical, soaps, lotions to area for the week prior.
  • Wear long hair in a ponytail, away from face and neck. Come without makeup.

Post-Care Instructions:
Use the Avene SOS Kit (instructions in the kit) or Avene cicalfate and products as instructed. Some redness and swelling is normal and may feel similar to a sunburn. This should resolve in a few days to a week. Some people may react more and have redness up to a month or longer. Notify Dr. Seiler if it persists longer than a few days.

  • During the next week, you may develop a fine crust/rugburned look. DO NOT PICK AT THEM. This may last for several days to weeks. Keep area moist and clean. Vinegar/water soaks will help with the itching, skin sloughing, and cleansing. Mix 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 1 cup of cold water. Soak a washcloth in the solution and cover your face for 10-20 minutes. You can do vinegar soaks as often as desired.
  • Small blisters may occur. Keep area clean. Notify Dr. Seiler if this happens.
  • You may apply cool compresses/ice for comfort.
  • Gently clean the area twice daily with mild cleanser.
  • Avoid irritants (glycolics, acid, retinoids, etc.) until all redness/swelling resolves.
  • Moisturizers may be used if they do not sting when applied.
  • Apply Sunblock (with zinc) for at least six weeks if not for your lifetime!
  • Shaving should be avoided until comfortable. Begin with light shaving.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for the day as sweating may sting.
  • Make-up may be used as long as skin is not broken or irritated.

Resuming normal products:

  • TNS Recovery Complex, Essential Serum, Eye Serums and moisturizers can be used the same day of procedure
  • Skin Bleaching Cream can be restarted 3-7 days after, to be determined by Dr. Seiler
  • Retinol: wait 1 week before resuming, this will also be determined by Dr. Seiler

Notify Dr. Seiler if you have any questions, concerns, problems. 205-870-0204 or 205-873-2340.