What People are Saying About Us

I just want to start off with saying how important it was to me to find the perfect Doctor that has all the training and experience with lasers. I went through 2 different consults before finding the right Doctor. I cannot tell you enough how wonderful Dr. Seiler is. I traveled 4 hrs to have him do my procedure. I'm only a week out, so I have awhile before I see results. Let me tell you, how many doctors do you know text you every other day to see how you are? My doctor actually wheeled me out after my procedure to my car. Wonderful bed side manner, never felt rushed when I had questions and that means so much to me. I can't recommend him enough. You will love him and his staff are all so sweet!

Suzy D

The staff are always nice and professional. Best laser treatments I have ever recived.


Dr. Seiler and his staff go above and beyond to accommodate me due to my work schedule. They always make me feel welcome and comfortable. I recommend Dr. Seiler and his staff because they are all knowledgable in regards to the best products and procedures. I have personally had Botox, CO2 laser, hydra facials, and hair removal. I look forward to having a vampire facial in the near future. On a daily basis, I get complements on my skin. If you have any doubts at all about having a procedure or you do not know where to begin then schedule a consultation and you will not be disappointed. I truly appreciate everything you guys do for me. Thank you Dr. Seiler and your staff because you make an exceptional team. Best regards!

Shannon D

Caroline is so helpful and knowledgeable about the products. It is a pleasant experience to shop with her assistance. Dr. Seiler is without exception one of the best doctors I have ever visited.

Susan M 

Dr. Seiler and his staff were friendly, informatve, and very interested in my concerns. They answered all of my questions and offered me options. Their attention to detail and careful prescreening process are impressive. I was very pleased with my consultation process.

Susan M 

I am a medical professional and a patient. Dr. Seiler is very knowledgeable on the latest advanced techniques and in anti-aging skin care. He has state of the art equipment and is an excellent MD. I would recommend this clinic without reservation to my patients and medical colleagues.

Donald G 

Dr. Seiler and his staff were great. Erin at the front desk was so kind and courteous. RN nurses Katherine and Kate were so kind and caring. Dr Seiler is the best skin specialist I've ever met. He takes time with no rush and evaluates what procedure is best for your skin condition. I had Co2 skin resurfacing and I'm very pleased with the results. This is by far the best skin Doctor you will meet. Dr Seiler and his staff of nurses are by far the kindest and most caring staff I've ever met. I would recommend them to anyone.

Stephen M

I have been going to Dr. Seiler for a year now. We have done treatments on my face preparing for the CO2 laser. I was scared but excited all at the same time because I could not wait to get my skin back to where it was 3 years ago. He and his staff agreed to come in at 7:00 in the morning the day before Thanksgiving because that was the only day that I could do that surgery. They were all so friendly as always and took extra special care of me. After it was all said and done he told me that it would be several months before I saw a massive difference because the healing process takes some time. I was totally amazed to see change not even 3 weeks after the treatment. I have been SO pleased with the changes so far and I know that in a few months its going to look even better. I could not thank Dr. Seiler and his staff enough for what they have done for me! I would recommend them to anyone- which I have because now even my family members are going to see him. You cannot go wrong with Dr. Seiler and his amazing staff!

Meg Overstreet

I have been seeing Dr. Seiler for treatment for 5 years. From the first treatment (CO2 Laser), I have been nothing but impressed. My skin is prone to scarring and pigmentation, which is hard to keep up with. With regular treatment from Seiler Skin, I am more and more pleased with my skin. I recently moved and had a poor treatment out of town, which caused major hyperpigmentation on my face. Next visit to Dr. Seiler for IPL reversed this with one treatment. I feel confident wearing no makeup (which hasn't been the case for years!). Dr. Seiler pays attention to specific needs of each patient - It is obvious that he and his staff truly care for their patients and are highly knowledgeable about skincare.


I had a consultation with Dr. Seiler about extensive sun damage on my face. My main concerns were sun spots, lines above my upper lip and wrinkles around my eyes. Dr. Seiler's recommendation was the C02 Laser Skin Resurfacing. I had this procedure done in two segments and now, two months after the last one, I couldn't be happier with the results. Dr. Seiler, his wife, Jill, and the whole office staff are wonderful! If you want to see the best results, this is the procedure to have.

Brenda F.

Dr. Seiler is the type of doctor that is really concerned about quality of care for his patients. I went to Dr. Seiler to see if the CO2 would get rid of the bags under my eyes. He explained that he would rather me see an allergy specialist to rule out that it might be sinus/allergy related...

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I was amazed, pleased and totally satisfied with the results of my laser procedure. All my dark spots, which I thought were there forever, have all but disappeared and my skin is so smooth. I would recommend for anyone with uneven coloration and light wrinkles.

I'm in my 20s, but have acne scarring and hyperpigmentation from sun damage. I've seen dermatologists who barely glanced at my face before prescribing antibiotics. A friend (with amazing skin) referred me to Seiler. I first went for the Vitalize and Rejuvenize peels, and was very happy with the results, but wanted to be more aggressive on treating the scars. I had a great consultation with Dr. Seiler, who truly listens to your specific concerns. I saw him for CO2 resurfacing...

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I loved my results of the Co2 resurfacing! I had one over a year ago and I plan on having another in the near future!

Shannon D

I am fairly new to Birmingham and are very thankful a friend here told me about Dr. Seiler and his wonderful staff. I saw Dr. Seiler a little over a month ago for a consultation and an IPL treatment. I immediately had a very positive opinion of him. I will also say I am very cautious, having had a bad experience with a doctor in another state which actually left permanent scarring from a laser. Dr. Seiler was thorough in discussing my history and his experience...

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I've had the Active FX (Co2 Laser Resurfacing) procedure performed twice with three years in between. It is such an easy procedure. Your face is really bad and peeling for about 3 days and then within a week barely pink. The worst part for me was the itching on day 3. My face looks so much different and feels great. Love Dr. Seiler!!


I had a business card photo taken two years ago which was perfected through Photo Shop. I continuously looked at that photo and wished that one day my skin would look that great. Well, Dr. Seiler made that happen through laser skin resurfacing and I am so excited about the results. I have received many compliments at only 5 weeks post procedure.

Carla B