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The staff are always nice and professional. Best laser treatments I have ever recived.


I am very impressed with Dr. Seiler and his staff. I have seen him for a consultation, botox, and IPL. My consultation was thorough and he spent a lot of time explaining options and answering questions. I did not feel like I was being "pushed" to do treatments or services- he took the time to explain the different options available. I also appreciated that he included a lot of information on skin care - not just lasers/fillers/etc. The skin care he recommended has made a big difference in my skin within a few days and before i had the IPL/botox.


I had IPL and Lamprobe a few weeks ago and now a Hydrafacial. Each procedures produced great results, but it's the wonderful staff there that really make a difference. Really listening to your concerns, polished and knowledgeable and making you feel like family.

Connie F

Dr. Seiler & staff VERY knowledgeable & capable. Received excellent results from IPL & Botox treatments. Highly recommend this trusted physician!


My experience was exceptional. Wonderful staff and doctor. Above and beyond my expectations.

Arvilla M 

I am very impressed with the kindness of your staff and feel I am in the best of care regarding my treatments I have received.  I was expecting more pain during the IPL was exactly as Dr. Seiler described, "very tolerable". I feel he puts his clients with their best interest first and really likes to see the patient come out with amazing results.

Stacy S

Dr. Seiler is the only physician in the Birmingham area who I would trust my face with! He trains other physicians how to perform the treatments he offers - that is exactly who I want performing treatments on MY face!! I am a 41 year old woman, and had severe sun damage and hyperpigmentation on my face. I recently had IPL on my face at Dr. Seiler's office. The procedure was quick (approximately 10 minutes) and the pain was tolerable. The IPL brought up all of my pigment to the surface, and after about 8-10 days, all the pigment shed and I was left with a freckle-less face for the first time in years. I am amazed at the effectiveness of only one treatment! Countless friends have commented on how great my skin looks, and I credit Dr. Seiler and his staff. If you have sun damage or hyperpigmentation that you would like to treat, do yourself a favor and schedule a consult with Dr. Seiler. You are worth the best, and Dr. Seiler is the best.

Stephanie H

Dr. Seiler is awesome. He explained my IPL treatment and talked with me every step of the way. He is super nice and a great doc! Also, the nurse and other staff in the office could not have been nicer. I had a wonderful experience and will definitely go back. Thanks Dr. Seiler!

Julie M

It’s amazing how my skin looks after having IPL laser treatments on the chest, shoulders, arms and legs to remove the sun damage. My skin looks ten years younger. Dr. Seiler also did an excellent job on removing a cyst on the lower part of my left leg. After 6 months you can hardly see where the cyst located unless you are looking closely at the area that was treated. Thanks again for such a great job.

Dee W

I am very happy with the results of IPL treatments by Dr. Seiler for my rosacea condition that I have had to endure for the last several years. I should have done this much sooner.

W McGill

I am a 41 year old woman, and I had a consult with Dr. Seiler and one of his nurses yesterday (October 29, 2013) to discuss options for skin laxity and sun damage on my face. He spent a good 30-45 minutes with me, discussing all of the different treatment options, skincare options, and prices. He answered all of my questions, explained each treatment thoroughly, and helped me find the best treatment plan for
me and my budget - he helped me determine how to get the most "bang for my buck". I look forward to returning to his office next week to begin the Exilis skin tightening treatment, and IPL in the future. I
met Dr. Seiler back in 2011 for laser hair removal, and was very impressed with his professionalism and knowledge. I knew that I could trust him with my face, now that I am experiencing some aging issues.Thank you, Dr. Seiler and staff!

Stephanie H

I recently had IPL done on my legs, arms, chest, hands and face by Dr. Seiler. I have had my hands and face done before by other doctors. It normally takes several treatments to get adequate results. Someone told me that one treatment with his equipment and expertise was equivalent to about four treatments elsewhere. I was skeptical that it could be true. But, now I am a believer. It is true! Now I know not all IPL treatments are the same. I highly recommend Dr. Seiler and his staff. They are great and well worth the travel time it takes to get there from anywhere.

Dallas P

I have been seeing Dr. Seiler for treatment for 5 years. From the first treatment (CO2 Laser), I have been nothing but impressed. My skin is prone to scarring and pigmentation, which is hard to keep up with. With regular treatment from Seiler Skin, I am more and more pleased with my skin. I recently moved and had a poor treatment out of town, which caused major hyperpigmentation on my face. Next visit to Dr. Seiler for IPL reversed this with one treatment. I feel confident wearing no makeup (which hasn't been the case for years!). Dr. Seiler pays attention to specific needs of each patient - It is obvious that he and his staff truly care for their patients and are highly knowledgeable about skincare.


I had my 2nd IPL two weeks ago for rosacea. I have never seen results like this! I no longer have redness, when I laugh, cough and just flushing moments are gone. My skin feels and looks great. If you have rosacea, I recommend looking into the IPL treatment. Awesome results!

Edee W

I was informed of what the IPL procedure would involve. Dr. Seiler was excellent in every way and communicates well.

Henrietta H

After redness on several long runs,  despite using various 50+ sport sunblocks,  along with severe bloodshot and stinging eyes from “sweat-proof” failing,  I was a little skeptical to try yet another sunscreen. However, due to my IPL and new products, I was greatly concerned about losing results with more sun damage...

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I am writing on behalf of the excellent care I have received as a patient of Dr. Seiler.  Upon my first visit he truly took the time to discuss my concerns over not only the appearance of my skin but of the care I should take of it via nutrition, products, and regular facials...

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I am thrilled with my skin! I'm 60-but my skin looks 30! Dr Seiler is the reason. His attention to detail and conservative approach are worth their weight in gold. Do yourself a favor- go see this man!!

Paula P

I received excellent results from IPL on my arms. Everyone at Seiler Skin is so friendly and professional. Dr. Seiler is a cut above the rest and I trust him with any procedure I decide to have done.

Sharon P


Dr. Seiler has been doing the IPL Laser treatment on my hands to remove sun spots. It is not very painful and I am very pleased with the results!

Pat M

I am fairly new to Birmingham and are very thankful a friend here told me about Dr. Seiler and his wonderful staff. I saw Dr. Seiler a little over a month ago for a consultation and an IPL treatment. I immediately had a very positive opinion of him. I will also say I am very cautious, having had a bad experience with a doctor in another state which actually left permanent scarring from a laser. Dr. Seiler was thorough in discussing my history and his experience...

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I cannot begin to thank Dr. Seiler enough for the beautiful results I have experienced since my recent Fraxel treatment. I have struggled with melasma for more than 10 years - covering the sides of my face, chin and forehead...  

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