What People are Saying About Us

Dr Seiler is amazing! He gets you the results you want with a conservative approach. He is gentle and I have never bruised from any procedure.


I received my first Vampire Facelift yesterday. As always, I was pleased with the whole process. The staff is so friendly and professional. Dr. Seiler did an excellent job, leaving me with no bruising. Though still slightly swollen, I can tell I will love the results.

Betsy A

Dr. Seiler and the wonderful support staff are very caring and professional. I am 48 years old and I love the subtle improvement I see with fillers. However, I had a bad experience several years ago with another physician and I was extremely nervous to ever do it again. A friend referred me to Dr. Seiler and assured me his approach was gentle and virtually pain free . Dr. Seiler performed the "filler facelift" and I could not be happier with the ease and comfort of the procedure. The results are natural and amazing. I experienced almost no pain during the procedure. There is a little tenderness for a few days post procedure but its minimal. Dr. Seiler understands how to reduce the pain and discomfort with this procedure while giving me a fresher, younger look.


Dr. Seiler used extreme attention to detail when injecting my fillers for the first time. I was a little nervous since I'd never had them done before and before I even knew he'd done the first one, he'd talked me through it. They were sensitive to my concerns and I couldn't be happier with my results. I can't recommend them highly enough. Oh- and zero bruising!

Angie B

I have been thrilled with Dr. Seiler's Voluma treatments, in various places on my face! It literally erases the lines around my lips, my "laugh" lines, and gives a smooth, younger look to my whole face!
As he will attest, my trips to Dr. Seiler's office are ALWAYS the highlight of my day (week/month/year)!

Laura L

I've known Dr. Seiler for almost 10 years. He is passionate and enthusiastic about helping you become the most beautiful you. I have used him for Botox and Juvederm for years and he has always done an amazing job. His conservative approach can ease anyone's mind on having a procedure for the first time & I have always achieved very natural results. I can assure you no matter how high your expectations are, his are set even higher to make you happy.

Ashley D

Excellent! Doctor is the best & a very good, friendly staff...makes you feel welcome. Very pleased with results! I give it a 5 star

Patrice B

Dr Seiler did not leave one single bruise on me! Amazing considering I had Botox, Juvederm and Voluma at the same time. Thank you for always being so meticulous and caring about results!!

Patricia M 

Dr. Seiler is such a professional and very experienced and the procedures he performs. The patient's interests and care are first and foremost at Seiler Skin and Cosmetics. I have had several different types of procedures performed by Dr. Seiler and I will continue to use him for my cosmetic care.

Jane G 

Having received facial treatments at other places I speak from experience when I say that Seiler Skin Care Center is beyond compare. The assistants who work in the office are wonderful. Dr Seiler provided me with a very thorough consultation, first asking me what my concerns were and then giving his recommendations. I have never had a physician spend that much time with me - ever! His main goal seems to be that the patient is satisfied and pleased (and looks better) but he is also a perfectionist who takes great pride in his work. I will definitely continue to use Dr Seiler and have recommended him to several friends who have scheduled appointments. Although this review is rather long, I really wanted others to know how exceptional Dr Seiler is and recommend making an appointment with his office if you are considering any skin care treatment.

Sharon S 

Really great result. Have been using Juvederm for a few years, but this new generation is even better. Having a good doctor like Dr. Seiler even makes it better.

Mary H