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I made a horrible mistake by getting false eyelashes glued to my real lashes. After about 6 weeks they began to come loose. I went back to the salon where the lash "non-expert" pulled all my lashes out - virtually leaving me lashless. I was so upset. I cried. Then I called Dr. Seiler's office after seeing an advertisement for Latisse. They recommended I begin using it right away. After just 2 weeks of using Latisse I could see growth beginning. After 2 months I could really tell a difference. I have used Latisse for 4 months now and my lashes are longer than they have ever been. Some days I use mascara and they are even longer! But with Latisse I do not always have to use mascara because they grew in thicker, fuller and darker. I feel so much better about myself now. I recommend Latisse to anyone who wants longer and thicker lashes. It takes a couple of months to see results, but it really does work very well.

Maureen H

I have been using Latisse, which I purchase through Dr. Seiler, off and on for several years. I absolutely love the results. When using it consistently, I get compliments on my eye lashes almost daily. My favorite was "Your eyelashes look like fingers." :-) I use the Latisse daily until my lashes get to the desired length, which usually is about a month. I then can cut back to every 2 or 3 days to maintain this look. The only negative side effect I've experienced is minor eye irritation for the first few days of use after a period of not using it. I am a fan of this product and of all of the services I've received at Seiler Skin Cosmetic Laser & Aesthetics Center!

Betsy A

I have always been skeptical of a lot of products.  Mostly because I never really saw the results they claim to produce.  I have two items that I truly believe in.  One is the TNS Essential Serum by SkinMedica available at Seiler Skin.  It has made a huge difference in my face and hands.  People ask me now if I've had something done to my face.  I tell them no, it's the products I'm using on my face...


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