The Priapus Shot (P-Shot) helps with Peyronie’s Disease

What Is Peyronie’s Disease?

Peyronie's disease was first described over 200 years ago and is traditionally thought to be a localized contracture of the tunica albuginea of the penis that can result in plaque formation leading to penile curvature, shortening, deformity, difficulty with achieving erection, and generalized erectile dysfunction. Research Link

What is the Cause of Peyronie’s Disease?

Currently, the medical community is still unsure about the cause and effect of Peyronie's disease. It has been proposed to be possibly trauma induced or genetically related. However, most men with Peyronie's disease do not remember any specific trauma to the penis. It is therefore thought that a possible cause could be autoimmune, genetic, or micro trauma related.

You are not alone!

Approximately 3 to 8% of men have Peyronie's disease and this results in erectile dysfunction. This would mean that between 70,000 and 180,000 men and Alabama (potentially 12 million in the US alone) could potentially suffer from this disease. There is a genetic correlation in that Caucasians are the most likely race to develop the disease and it is less common in the African American and Asian population.

Risk Factors of Peyronie’s Disease

Known risk factors include a history of trauma to the penis, smoking (a huge proven risk factor), diabetes, low testosterone, hormone imbalance, and other medical and health related issues.

History of Possible Treatments

Currently there are not many successful treatments. The general recommendation is conservative therapy for a year as some patients do have resolution of the disease but this requires the man being patient and undergoing a year of potential erectile dysfunction and mental and physical stress. If this conservative management of patience and medication does not provide result, in the past surgery (Nesbit procedures) was the only next option. Surgery is generally fraught with lack of results and complications including damage to the penis and shortening. Research Link

What’s New?

New research is proving that certain supplements, hormone replacement, smoking success cessation, penile vacuum pumps, and now the Priapus Shot (P-Shot), performed by me, Dr. Seiler, under a protocol developed by Dr. Charles Runels, can greatly reduce the symptoms of Peyronie's disease and even be near curative.

Now we finally a proven protocol to help patients who suffer with Peyronie's disease and have a great chance to restore normal function to the penis and a man's sexual, physical, and mental health and life. Research Link

The New 7 Step Combination Therapy Protocol for Peyronie's Disease

  1. Penis pump. Use a good penile vacuum pump for 10 minutes twice daily (Seiler Skin will provide this to you with your P-Shot).  Research Link
  2. Food / Proper Nutrition
    • Coq10: 300 milligrams per day Research Link
    • Vitamin E 1200 IU per day in the morning with food Research Link
    • Vitamin C 3000 milligrams per day with food
    • B complex in the morning with food
  3. The Priapus Shot (P-Shot) which can greatly reduce the plaque and scar development (the main cause of Peyronie's disease). 1-2  P-Shots can be corrective of the dysfunction in 80-90% of men.
  4. Hormone replacement
    • Low testosterone has been proven to be a factor in increase Peyronie's disease, increased erectile dysfunction, increase plaque formation, and decrease response to medical therapy and even the P-shot. Therefore testosterone should be replaced and all the other hormone levels should also be evaluated Research Link
  5. WALK!
    • Walking daily, 15 - 20 miles per week, has been proven to decrease general inflammation, increase erectile ability, ability to achieve erection and maintain erection, and increase the usage of growth hormone naturally occurring in the body. Research Link
  6. Cialis 2.5-5 milligrams per day may be beneficial STOP SMOKING!!
    • Smoking has been proven in multiple studies to be a significant risk factor for contributing to Peyronie's disease in men. Research shows that smoking cessation will greatly reduce the chance of Peyronie's disease and also the severity of Crohn's disease if one develops it.

How will the Priapus shot help?

The P-Shot can be injected into the fibrosis and plaque formation in a patient with Peyronie's disease. You can read more about the P-Shot by clicking here. The P-Shot involves injecting platelet rich plasma (PRP) drawn from the patient's own blood and concentrated into a serum with growth factor platelets and other healing properties that can greatly reduce and remove the plaque in Peyronie's disease. Many patients will see near to complete resolution of Peyronie's disease especially if all of the other steps in this 7-Step Protocol are followed.

Results of the P-Shot in Peyronie’s Disease

1-2 P-Shots one to three months apart can greatly improve Peyronie’s disease and is actually curative in many patients.  Almost all patients will see great improvement in Erectile Dysfunction (ED) after reduction of the plaques, increased blood flow, straightening of the penis, and better penile function. This obviously will greatly help the male patient’s sense of self-worth, mental, sexual, and physical happiness and overall well-being. Depression will decrease, relationships will improve, and quality of life will be much better. 

I am very pleased to have a well-researched and proven new protocol for helping men who suffer with Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease! 

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