The Seiler Skin Difference

As a follow-up to my previous blog “Dr. Seiler explains his cosmetic specialty,” I wanted to explain my actual philosophy of treating your specific skin concerns compared to older and more traditional schools of thought stemming from dermatology, general medicine, and surgery. 
Here are a couple of things that I do differently and my patients positively review my philosophy (I know it’s a little long, but you are important to me so you’ll see its worth reading!):
1.      First and most important:  I spend plenty of time with you in your initial consult (30-60 minutes), each treatment you receive, and in ongoing “continuing consultation” in which we discuss where you are in your skin health and beauty plan, what we have achieved and what is next to accomplish.
2.      You will benefit from my highly trained staff.  I have personally spent countless hours training all of my staff in initial and ongoing staff meetings, lectures, and trainings.  Everyone you meet will be able to help you with your skin plan, educate you about products and procedures, and answer your questions.  They won’t have to wait to answer your question until they “can talk to the doctor when we can reach him.”
3.      My expert licensed medical aestheticians, also highly trained by me, will be an important part of your care at Seiler Skin.  They will also meet with you in your initial and ongoing consultations.  There are certain procedures that they can also perform to help you with your skin.  They have significant training in the theory/physics/medicine and the physical performance of these procedures and only treat patients when they have achieved the training regimen and protocol that I have designed for them.  You can always ask me or them “how many times have you performed this procedure, how are your results, and have you had any problems” and you will always be pleased with our honest response.
4.      Each day, we as a team (all of my staff) will have a morning meeting and discuss yesterday’s patients so every team member can be “in the know” about your treatment plan so each team member can be a part of answering your questions and helping you with your skin. 
5.      I am here every day and am involved with every aspect of the practice.  I personally perform most of the laser procedures and I am strongly involved in overseeing the ones that my Aestheticians are trained to perform (ask my patients and they will confirm this).  You can read my blogs about how well-trained our providers are. 
6.      This is what I specialize in.  I am highly trained and I don’t spread myself to thin with treating too many different kinds of patients or performing too many different types of procedures.
7.      I have everything available to treat the conditions/concerns that I treat.  You will not have to have a “lesser laser procedure” performed by the wrong device because “I just don’t have the right laser but will treat you anyway.”
8.      I have studied at length the aspects of dermatology, medicine, and surgical necessary to treat every condition/concern I treat.  I know everything I need to know to properly, safely, and effectively treat the conditions I am trained to treat.
9.      Finally, you can see my blogs about each skin care concern and treatment to read how my philosophy can help you with specific concerns.
My patients know that I love what I do and I love treating my patients and making them happy.  At Seiler Skin, you will get excellent, expert, and safe care.  You won’t get seen too quickly, have your concerns brushed aside or minimized, get a treatment by an under-trained person in the office, or just get a prescription and be on your way.  You will quickly see that we love to treat you well and that’s exactly what you will get at Seiler Skin.