All Your Questions About Microblading – Answered!

By Ashley Strickland

From tweezing to waxing to threading, we put a lot of effort into achieving the perfectly arched brow. While plenty of products and methods help shape eyebrows, they are typically short-term fixes and oftentimes deliver inconsistent results. Wouldn’t you love to save time during your morning routine and still achieve the brows you want? If so, look no further – microblading is here to save the day!

Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow treatment that deposits organic pigment onto the skin with the use of a brush-stroke tool. This minimally invasive treatment balances science with art to create realistic hair-like strokes that provide you with a fuller, bolder brow.

Microblading has grown extremely popular in recent years, with social media influencers and celebrities alike praising the treatment, and here at Seiler Skin it’s no different! Today, I want to answer some common questions we receive about microblading and explain how this treatment may be just right for you.

Does Microblading Look Natural?

The number one question we receive from patients is what type of results are typical for microblading. Our goal is to give you natural looking brows, whether that be through filling in your current ones or using our understanding of facial anatomy to craft new brows. We follow your natural eyebrow structure and match the pigment to your actual hair color to deliver the best results possible. The brush-stroke tool we use for microblading also creates a more realistic look by giving the appearance of natural hairs rather than simply pigment.

Is All Microblading the Same?

The key difference between microblading treatments isn’t so much the tools being used, but rather the person using those tools. Microblading requires a level of precision and artistry to ensure each patient leaves with brows that give them a boosted self-esteem. I have trained at the most elite aesthetic institutes to fully understand the tools and techniques behind microblading and work with every patient to guarantee desired results. If there’s one thing I know, it’s how to create the perfect brow!

Who is the Ideal Patient?

Any patient wanting to obtain bolder, more defined eyebrows is an ideal candidate for microblading. We treat patients of all ages, skin types and genders on a regular basis, and consistently achieve noticeable results. Microblading is also a great treatment option for anyone with super fine or light brow hair, or for people who may suffer from hair loss conditions, such as alopecia.

Is the Treatment Painful?

One of the biggest concerns about microblading is the level of pain associated with the treatment, but we take every step possible to ensure your comfort the entire time! We apply a medical-grade numbing cream up to 30 minutes prior to treatment to help cool and calm the skin. Areas requiring more pigment may be a bit more sensitive, but overall discomfort is very minimal. In fact, we have even had a few patients fall asleep while receiving microblading!

What is the Social Downtime?

Patients typically experience slight redness or tenderness for the first 12 hours, as well as a noticeably darker brow color that will dissipate over time to become more natural looking. Slight flaking and peeling around the treated area is common but gradually goes away within the first week. Patients should also refrain from sweating or wetting their eyebrows and should not apply any makeup to the treated area for at least seven days after microblading. We know how hot Alabama summers can be, which is why undergoing microblading in the cooler months is recommended to produce better results!

How Long Does It Last?

Microblading results can last anywhere between six to 18 months. Even so, we typically recommend patients come back for a touchup every six to eight months. This ensures your brows will continue to look natural and that the pigment does not smear or fade. Six to eight months is especially ideal for patients who have an oilier complexion or are prone to sweating in the forehead area, as this can wear away at the pigment much faster.

Your eyebrows say a lot about your personality, which is why we take the time to develop a custom treatment plan for each patient. I have trained extensively on this treatment and understand both the artistry and science needed to deliver noticeable results. Ditch the eyebrow pencil and learn how microblading can put the “wow” back in your brows by scheduling a consultation or calling us today!

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