Meet Morgan & Natalie, Our New Practice Managers

By Seiler Skin Staff

We’re always looking for the best of the best to join our practice so that our patients are receiving the top-tier care they’ve come to expect at Seiler Skin. That being said, we’re excited to not just introduce one, but TWO new members of our team — Morgan and Natalie! This dynamic duo is here to serve as our newest practice managers, ensuring that every moment of your time within our doors is an incredible one. We thought to help patients get to know M&N a bit better by asking them a few questions. Here’s what they had to say:

What’s your role at Seiler Skin?

Morgan: As one of the practice managers, I assist in leading the office and staff to provide patients with the best care. Excellent patient satisfaction is my top priority, and I’m excited to bring fresh, out-of-the-box ideas to the practice!

Natalie: Alongside Morgan, we practically cover every facet of Seiler Skin. You might see us anywhere in the office during your visit, working closely with Dr. Seiler, Jill and the entire team to ensure you’re always having the best experience possible. I’m really excited to help patients along their skin wellness journey and build the practice over time.

Tell us about your experience prior to Seiler Skin.

Morgan: After graduating with honors from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, I began my career as the Operations Manager for Chattanooga Periodontics & Dental Implants. This position allowed me to apply what I learned in college and continue my education with hands-on experience and training to successfully operate a multimillion-dollar company — all leading me to this role at Seiler Skin.

Natalie: Prior to this job, I worked in and ran an aesthetic and laser center as a director. I’ve also helped build teams in numerous practices over the years, but I can truly say that this office is my absolute favorite specialty thus far! I love its boutique feel and the chance to give people that special, extravagant experience they want.

Which treatment is your favorite? Which product is your favorite?

Morgan: Botox is liquid gold, but Vampire Facials are a game-changer. In an extremely short amount of time, my skin has transformed from these go-to treatments. Pair the Vampire Facial with the Alastin regimen and your skin will begin its transformation journey too!

Natalie: I think Botox is still my top pick overall — it’s such a simple thing but makes such a huge difference on your fine lines and wrinkles. Getting a chance to work with PRP has made it a favorite as well, especially given it someone’s own natural resources and makes a big difference in so many areas of the body.

Tell us a bit more about yourself outside of work.

Morgan: I recently got engaged and currently spend my free time planning my wedding or spending time with my dog Chaco, and post-COVID can’t wait to travel again.

Natalie: I love spending time on the lake with my husband, step-son and our dogs — it’s just my go-to happy place! I also love getting the chance to have a shopping day with my girlfriends on the weekend. Once it’s safe again, I’m really excited to keep traveling all over with my husband in search of a new adventure.

What excites you the most about working at Seiler Skin?

Morgan: Learning! In my opinion, life is boring if you’re not learning something new. I am so excited to be part of such an amazing team that lifts each other up, and so blessed to have Dr. Seiler as a teacher.

Natalie: The most exciting part of being one of the leaders here at Seiler Skin is the fact that the Seiler’s trust us to take good care of the incredible business they’ve created. I look forward to many years with this team, and want to help us really embody the “Seiler Skin: where excellence is made.”

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