Jasmine Moore

MA / Phlebotomist


Jasmine was born in Arizona but moved to the state of Washington when she was in the fifth grade. She has enjoyed traveling between Washington and Alabama to see family since she was a senior in high school. After high school, Jasmine received a scholarship to the University of Montevallo for track and field but pursued Phlebotomy at Pima Medical Institute in Renton, Washington. 


Jasmine worked as a phlebotomist for three years prior to joining Seiler Skin. Her experience also included working at a local day spa and a software company as frontline support. This experience taught her that patient care is where she really shines and is what she loves to do! 


Her prior experience and training as a phlebotomist gave her valuable insight into patient care in a medical office. In this role she learned the importance of creating a safe and comfortable environment for patients to receive the very best care. 

Jasmine receives ongoing training with Dr. Seiler on laser theory and physics, understanding facial anatomy and proportions for injectable treatments, as well as, the science behind PRP procedures. She has also received certification of training on our medical grade skincare products. 


At Seiler Skin, Jasmine is Dr. Seiler’s medical assistant and efficiently draws blood for our many PRP (platelet rich plasma) procedures. She assists Dr. Seiler with his patients by answering questions they have and building custom treatment plans and skincare regimens tailored to each patient’s unique skin goals and concerns. Her best quality is making sure every patient feels comfortable before, during and after procedures. Jasmine also helps patients stay on track with their treatment plan ensuring their procedures are scheduled correctly and in the time frame needed to achieve their goals. 


Jasmine has a six-year-old son named Silas. She is a nurturer and loves staying busy. She loves caring for her plants and pets – a bearded dragon, two cats and a betta fish! Jasmine enjoys exploring the outdoors with her son, reading and writing, tending to her indoor plants and making her new house in Gardendale feel like home. Jasmine is also learning the electric guitar! 


Make friends with what you are” 

Jasmine's Skin Care Favorites


Vampire Facial


Alastin HydraTint Pro Mineral Sunscreen

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