Taylor Campbell

Patient Coordinator

Background and Education

Taylor is a native Alabamian and, with the exception of a stint in New York City, Alabama has remained his home. He has lived in Birmingham for the past nine years since graduating from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) with a bachelor’s degree in theatre. Taylor also works as a professional photographer.

Prior Experience

Taylor has enjoyed six years of extensive experience working in client services, patient care, skin care and practice marketing. Before coming to Seiler Skin, he worked for Chanel Cosmetics, interned with a renowned photographer in New York City and worked as a patient coordinator with a local plastic surgery center and spa.

Formal Training

At Seiler Skin, Taylor has had extensive training under Dr. Seiler to perfect his knowledge of cosmetic laser and injection procedures, which has enabled him to assist him in patient treatment planning and new patient coordination. Like all team members, Taylor partakes in all education and training sessions on a recurring basis at the practice with Dr. Seiler.

Current Role

Taylor is one of five patient coordinators. He enjoys helping new patients understand the consultation process and starting the process of planning their treatment course. Taylor takes pride in being able to answer any patient question in person or over the phone, and he strives to be a partner with patients and provide any assistance necessary for their experience to be positive and successful. You will see Taylor primarily in our “check-out nook,” where he ensures patients have a great experience at Seiler Skin and leave looking forward to their next visit.

Personal Life

Taylor resides in Mountain Brook, allowing him to enjoy the pulse and heart of the city. He is the owner of Taylor Campbell Photography, which focuses on wedding and fashion photography. You can find him getting his hands dirty at Shoppe on weekends, and trying out the many new and eclectic restaurants in the Magic City. Additionally, he is active at Phase gym in Lakeview and frequently is a foster parent for the Greater Birmingham Humane Society.

What our team says about Taylor

“Taylor is the glue for our team, making everything better. There’s practically nothing he can’t do and is a wealth of knowledge on variety of different things. We like to get his opinion on everything! When have we ever disagreed with Taylor?”

Taylor’s Philosophy

“It’s plain and simple: your skin is worth the investment. It was not until I was introduced to skincare that my skin improved. Your skin is the largest organ on your body – it is what people see when they meet you, so why not take the necessary steps to protect it?”

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