10 reasons patients choose Dr. Seiler for Botox

By Jill Seiler
  1. Because of the time Dr. Seiler spends with each patient, he is able to customize a Botox treatment to your individual concerns.
  2. With expert Botox injection techniques, Dr. Seiler takes the time to make the treatment very comfortable and effective.
  3. Dr. Seiler has a great knowledge of facial anatomy and physical proportions, allowing him to help you achieve a more youthful look while maintaining normal facial expression.
  4. Dr. Seiler takes the time to make his patients feel comfortable and confident in their decision to get Botox, informing them of how safe it is.
  5. Due to his conservative approach, Dr. Seiler uses less than the average amount of Botox. You don’t need as much Botox as you may have heard to get great results!
  6. Patients don’t spend near as much with Dr. Seiler on their Botox due to a great result-yielding conservative approach.
  7. Dr. Seiler has never had a patient complication due to Botox in over 14,000 treatments personally performed in his practice.
  8. Dr. Seiler is a certified trainer of physician injectors for Allergan (manufacturer of Botox Cosmetic) and through his private training company.
  9. Patients tell us that it doesn’t hurt and Dr. Seiler doesn’t do too much!
  10. Dr. Seiler gives a great result with Botox!

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