Spider Vein Removal


Spider veins — medically referred to as telangiectasias — are small, non-functioning blood vessels that become dilated and therefore more visible under the skin. Typically red/purple/blue in color, spider veins can appear in the face, neck, legs and arms, and are more common as you age. Spider veins are typically just an aesthetic concern, which is where treatment comes into play. Through a combination of laser devices, we are able to improve and even eliminate the appearance of spider veins on the body.

Isolated spider veins generally pose no health threat to patients, but are a common aesthetic concern. However, if a patient presents with more extensive or numerous spider veins, this may be indicative of a more serious vascular or medical concern. Therefore, spider veins should only be diagnosed and treated by an experienced practitioner under a physician’s supervision.


Dr. Seiler’s depth of experience in laser technology is the key differentiator between our spider vein removal treatment and that offered by other providers in the area. Dr. Seiler is a board-certified cosmetic laser surgeon and brings years of experience both practicing and training fellow providers on laser procedures. His wealth of knowledge allows him to properly consult with each patient to determine what treatment plan is best to fit their goals.

Another benefit of coming to Seiler Skin for spider vein removal is the combination of top-tier devices we use in the treatment. It’s crucial that your provider uses a laser device that will adequately reduce the appearance of spider veins without damaging the skin. The types of laser devices we use for treatment typically include IPL, ND:YAG and Lamprobe. The ND:YAG is one of the most powerful and efficient lasers on the market, and requires extensive knowledge and experience to safely and effectively use. Dr. Seiler is extremely well-trained and versed in the use of the ND:YAG and other lasers.

By consulting with patients prior to treatment and fully assessing the range of options available, we are able to develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs and designed to achieve optimal results. Due to the possibility of underlying vascular disease, it is critical that the provider you choose be capable of recognizing the need for further vascular evaluation before simply treating the visible spider veins. If a patient’s condition is more extensive, Dr. Seiler will discuss the need for a specialty vascular consultation before treatment.


Prior to beginning treatment, Dr. Seiler consults with each patient to determine the severity of their spider veins and the proper course of action. Spider vein removal can oftentimes be slightly uncomfortable, which is why we use our Pro-Nox device before treatment to minimize discomfort during treatment. This only lasts during treatment and wears off before leaving our practice.

Post-treatment downtime is minimal, with some patients experiencing slight bruising in the treated areas. Depending on the severity of spider veins, patients may require more than one treatment. Optimal results can be seen after 6 to 12 months.

If you are interested in spider vein removal at Seiler Skin, please give us a call today to schedule your consultation! You can reach us at 205.870.0204 or book online.



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