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Learn about patient experience at Seiler SkinOur team approaches the evaluation process through a diagnostic lens to identify the root cause(s) of your symptoms and develop an individualized skin care treatment protocol. Dr. Seiler is committed to spending quality time with you to understand your concerns fully and communicate our treatment recommendations throughout each stage of your skin health journey. In fact, 98 percent of individuals who consult with Dr. Seiler become a long-term patient as a direct result of our industry-leading concierge experience.

Our consultation process is comprehensive – prior to performing a treatment or procedure, Dr. Seiler and one of our highly-trained team members will spend between one to two hours with you one-on-one to obtain a thorough and accurate medical history. After determining your needs, Dr. Seiler will make an informed treatment recommendation that will address your concerns and help you achieve desired results. Our treatment plans include the use of medical-grade skincare products to ensure that you obtain the best possible outcomes and protect your investment in your skin health.

We will lead you through each step of your treatment plan, following up after each visit to evaluate your progress and results, and will adjust your customized protocol when and where appropriate.

Our entire team, trained extensively by Dr. Seiler, is respectful, compassionate and empathetic toward your concerns, and we provide a safe space to discuss all questions related to skin health.

To schedule your consultation, please call 205-870-0204.


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