Daxxify is an FDA-approved injectable treatment for fine lines and wrinkles caused by muscle movement. Similar to Botox, it works by relaxing muscle movement and reducing the frequency/severity of line and wrinkle formation. Daxxify is different from Botox in that its results are longer lasting and therefore patients require less frequent treatments and overall lower yearly costs. Like Botox, Daxxify can also be used to treat a number of non-aesthetic concerns, such as migraines and overactive sweating.


Daxxify treats a number of concerns, including:

  • Forehead lines
  • Fine lines between the eyes
  • Crow’s feet
  • Nose (bunny lines)
  • Vertical lines around the mouth and lips
  • Chin wrinkling/dimpling
  • Neck/jawline laxity
  • Jawline flaring (TMJ, teeth grinding, etc.)
  • Migraines/tension headaches
  • Hyperhidrosis (overactive sweating)


Dr. Seiler has over 15 years of injection expertise and has administered 40,000+ injections over the course of his career. Rather than apply a one-size-fits-all approach, he takes the time to consult with each patient and evaluate their facial anatomy to determine what their concerns are, how Daxxify can address them and what a full treatment plan looks like. Dr. Seiler’s conservative yet effective approach ensures patients leave our practice with noticeable yet natural results that will have them looking and feeling better.

Patients often worry that injectables will prevent them from making facial expressions or leave them with an “unnatural” look. While other providers may over-inject and/or inject in the wrong areas of the face, Dr. Seiler’s deep understanding of facial anatomy and proportions allows him to create a plan custom to each person. Daxxify is a game-changer given its long-lasting results based on its specialized formula. The novel synthetic peptide used in this injectable stabilizes the active ingredient better, meaning the injectable itself lasts longer. This means you are able to receive less treatments on a regular basis and can guarantee results for sustained periods of time.

You can learn more about Dr. Seiler and his experience here.


GravityPhiX™ is Dr. Seiler’s personal, proven and trademarked methodology to address common signs of aging other injectors overlook. By treating the underlying cause of patients’ concerns, Dr. Seiler is able to deliver longer-lasting, more noticeable results through Daxxify. You can learn more about GravityPhix™ and the incredible feedback from patients here.


  • Younger Patients (18 to 30-Years Old)

Daxxify is great for preventing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Younger patients who come to us for Daxxify typically receive injections in the forehead, around the eyes and the upper lip, or commonly referred to as the “Lip Flip”, to prevent early signs of aging.

  • Middle-Aged Patients (30 to 55-years old)

Those already experiencing fine lines and wrinkles can see improved appearance after a few rounds of Daxxify. This injectable is also great for addressing downturn of the corners of the mouth, vertical lip lines and neck banding that naturally occurs as people enter their 30’s/40’s.

  • Older Patients (55 to 75-years old)

Patients with developed fine lines and wrinkles can still benefit from Daxxify later in life to reduce the formation of new lines or severity of existing ones. Daxxify can also help with skin laxity of the neck and jawline by releasing the muscle pull on the lower face and neck.


Daxxify is slightly more costly than Botox per treatment session, but the true differentiator is its ability to last longer in the body, therefore requiring less treatments on average and translating to yearly cost savings for patients. Overall, you save more over time with Daxxify and also see longer lasting results.

Do not determine where you will go for Daxxify based on unit price – make your decision based upon expertise.


If you are interested in Daxxify at Seiler Skin, please give us a call today to schedule your consultation! You can reach us at 205.870.0204 or book online.

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