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Juvederm is one of the most popular filler brands on the market and one we’ve been using for years here at Seiler Skin. No one filler is the same, which is why it’s important to have an expert injector like Dr. Seiler who knows the science behind each filler and how they can be used to achieve optimal results. Juvederm’s fillers stand out among others given their short and long-chain hyaluronic acid molecules within the formula. This structure allows the filler to effectively restore volume and ensure longer-lasting results when injected into the right depths in the tissue.


We use a combination of Juvederm fillers to treat different areas of the face and hands. The different types of Juvederm fillers and their uses include:

Juvederm Vollure XC works best in thinner tissues to address:

  • Volume loss/lack of volume in the lips and mouth
  • Smile lines
  • Fine lines/wrinkles

Juvederm XC works best in mid-depth tissues to address:

  • Volume loss/lack of volume in the lips and mouth
  • Smile lines
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Acne scars
  • Volume loss in the hands

Juvederm Voluma XC works best in deeper tissues to lift and defines, including:

  • Volume loss/lack of volume in the cheeks
  • Lower facial/neck laxity
  • Jawline/chin
  • Jowls


Dr. Seiler has over 16 years of injection expertise and has administered 30,000+ injections over the course of his career. Rather than apply a one-size-fits-all approach, he takes the time to consult with each patient and evaluate their facial anatomy to determine what their concerns are, how Juvederm or other fillers and procedures can address them and what a full treatment plan looks like. Dr. Seiler’s conservative yet effective approach ensures patients leave our practice with noticeable yet natural results that will have them looking and feeling better.

Patients often worry that filler will leave them with an “unnatural” look. While other providers may over-inject or inject in the wrong areas of the face, Dr. Seiler’s deep understanding of facial anatomy and proportions allows him to create a plan custom to each person. Patients who come to us for filler, especially after experiencing another provider, are always pleased with the results and know they are getting the best care possible with Dr. Seiler.

You can learn more about Dr. Seiler and his experience here.


Younger Patients (18 to 30-Years Old)

Filler is a great way to prevent the formation of fine lines/wrinkles later on in life. We also see a lot of younger patients who come to us wanting to enhance volume in areas such as the cheeks, lips or more.

Middle-Aged Patients (30 to 55-Years Old)

As we age, collagen and elastin production slow down, resulting in volume loss and greater skin laxity. Filler allows us to restore this volume to provide an overall healthier, more youthful appearance.

Older Patients (55 to 75-Years Old)

While filler can be used to address volume loss in older patients, Dr. Seiler may recommend other treatments to achieve the best results. This is why we conduct a thorough consultation with every patient to determine the best treatment plan for their skin goals.


If you are interested in the Juvederm at Seiler Skin, please give us a call today to schedule your consultation! You can reach us at 205.870.0204 or book online.

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