Dr. Seiler’s approach to treating acne scars

By Warren B. Seiler III MD

Acne scars are a common problem for many patients. I have a lot of experience treating acne scarred skin with newer technologies and my cosmetic philosophy which combines principles of dermatology and plastic surgery with new laser technology.  In the past, most of the specific lesions or areas of scarring (“ice pick scars” or “craters” as they are commonly called), had to be surgically excised, cauterized, frozen or just left alone.

After getting your active acne under control, I am able to use different strengths of a couple of lasers to make huge improvements in your skin. Depending on your condition, the severity of the skin scarring, your skin type (light to very dark skin, even African American skin), and your downtime availability, I can customize a laser regimen to help you obtain much healthier and better looking skin. Then we can prevent acne and maintain your healthy skin with our medical grade skincare and treatment protocols.

Fraxel laser and fractional CO2 laser (Lumenis Active Fx, Deep Fx, and Total Fx) and the Vampire Facial treatments have made significant improvements in my patients’ skin. Many of them had tried other treatments from other locations before coming to see me and they are amazed at what a better treatment and laser plan did for them.

I love to see the improvements with time in patients with acne scars because it is a difficult problem to treat and it has obvious causes of embarrassment and lack of self-confidence.

We can help you if you are someone who:

  • Has simple texture issues from acne
  • Has more severe scarring like ice pick scars
  • Someone of any skin color, especially a darker skin patient who may think that your skin is too dark to treat
  • Someone who has just about given up on getting better skin, having seen multiple other practitioners who have not help you and are frustrated with how your skin continues to look

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