Fact or Fraud: What to Know About Peptides in Skin Care

By Jill Seiler

Science is the foundation of everything we do at Seiler Skin, from the laser technology used in treatments to the ingredients in our products. Dr. Seiler and our expertly trained staff take the time to research any product or treatment before bringing it to our practice so that our patients always receive the best quality of care possible. As your trusted skin health partner, we’re always here to answer any questions you may have!

One of the most common questions we receive is what type of ingredients to look for in products. Peptides continue to play an increasingly important role in overall skin health and are now found in a number of the products we offer. We understand science isn’t everyone’s specialty, so we wanted to take the opportunity to give you a crash course on peptides and what you need to know!

What is a peptide?

A peptide is a compound consisting of two or more amino acids linked in a chain. When linked together, peptides form the building blocks of protein.

Why are they important for skin health?

Peptides attach to fibroblasts – the cells in our connective tissue responsible for producing collagen, elastin and other fibers – to activate gene expression. The gene expression process sends signals to the body to produce more collagen and elastin, which are the two factors behind healthy, youthful skin. 

Are all peptides the same?

No – in fact, millions exist! The science behind a peptide is based in the sequence of its amino acids. Take for example Alastin Skincare’s TriHex technology. This patented set of peptides is specially designed to clear the extracellular matrix – the layer of the skin where collagen and elastin live – of debris accumulated through aging, pollution and environmental factors. This creates a foundation for the stimulation of collagen and elastin and essentially gives new life to the skin. TriHex technology is clinically proven by studies and peer-reviewed journals to clear the skin of accumulated debris and deliver noticeable changes in just four to six weeks. 

How do you determine which products have the right peptides?

You should always talk with a physician’s office who specializes in skin health about which peptide products to use. Years of research and testing go into quality grade products to ensure that the ingredients being used deliver the promised results. Over-the-counter products are not highly regulated and do not undergo the same level of scientific testing as the products offered at Seiler Skin. While the label may say “includes peptides,” this can be rather misleading. Just because a product contains some peptides doesn’t mean that they’re the right peptides.

Which brands that use peptides do we recommend?

As mentioned before, Alastin is one of the two major brands we carry that uses specialized peptide blends in some of its products. Revision also features an array of products that incorporated peptides into their formulas. Below are just a few of our patient favorites!

Patients deserve to understand what goes into achieving their skin health goals and be equipped with the information necessary to make educated decisions. Our team has the knowledge needed to best inform patients of the right products for their regimens. If you have questions about which peptide products are best for your regimen, call us or schedule an appointment today!

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