How to Understand & Treat Your Acne

By Seiler Skin Staff

If there’s one skin concern nearly everyone can understand, it’s acne. Whether you experienced breakouts throughout adolescence or still struggle with it into adulthood, acne is a problem that goes beyond just the surface. We’ve talked with so many patients that are at the end of the road trying to deal with acne, have tried every over-the-counter solution, cannot get the results they want from a dermatologist and just want a solution that works. As with any other concern we treat, our goal is to be your trusted skin health partner, and the same can be said for treating acne. Today, we thought to share some key considerations for preventing and addressing acne, and why we’re your go-to provider in the area.

First, it’s important to understand that acne cannot be addressed with a one-size-fits-all solution. Many patients walk through our doors after going to other providers who have prescribed harsh topicals and antibiotics that not only irritate and dry out your skin rather than address the root cause of the acne in the first place. While these treatments may work for some and provide temporary results, they simply aren’t right for every single person suffering from acne.

During a thorough consultation process, we get down to the why. What is causing your skin to break out in the first place? Stress, allergies, hormones, diet, lifestyle factors — these are just some of the things that could be triggering your skin and making it a prime environment for acne. Not only do we talk about these things, but we also look at your daily habits to understand how they may impact your skin’s health. Are you regularly changing out your pillowcase, or could the phone receiver you use at work be causing breakouts? These conversations help us fully assess the situation to then develop a proper treatment plan.

In developing a treatment plan, we aim to do two things. The first is conditioning your skin so it can be the healthiest it can be. Through treatments such as chemical peels and HydraFacials, as well as with medical-grade products, we can get your skin to a place where acne treatment is more effective. Vampire Facials are another key treatment for addressing acne, and not only prevent future breakouts, but can minimize the appearance of past acne scars. This is a step that other providers often overlook and instead skip straight to prescriptive measures that don’t provide a long term solution. Your skin needs to be the best it can be before administering more extensive treatments and product options.

Once we’ve gotten your skin into a healthier condition, we then develop an acne treatment plan with your specific needs factored in. Some patients may need products that soothe and calm inflamed skin, while others may require products that prevent excessive oil that tends to clog pores. Our team prides itself in tackling the root causes of your acne so that you can begin a journey to healthier, clearer skin.

We understand how personal acne struggles can be for patients. Acne can impact the way we navigate life, interact with others and view ourselves, which is why we work so hard to help each and every patient in treating their acne concerns. People tend to think that only dermatologists can address acne, but throughout our years as a practice, we’ve been able to apply the right science, treatments and medical-grade products to help hundreds of patients and truly change their lives.

We have helped so many patients take control of their acne, and it’s fulfilling every time someone leaves our office feeling more confident than when they first arrived. If you’re ready to take on acne and achieve a brighter, clearer complexion, go ahead and make your next appointment with us at Seiler Skin! You can schedule a visit online or by calling us at 205.870.0204.

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