How Vivace is Transforming Skincare

By Warren B. Seiler III MD

When I brought Vivace to Seiler Skin more than a year ago, I knew it would transform the way we’re able to treat patients, and boy has it ever! After doing extensive research into the device and the science behind it, I realized it would allow us to better treat not just a greater range of patients, but more of the common skin health concerns people come to us about. Don’t just take my word for it — Vivace has become so popular among our patients, we recently invested in a second device just to keep up with demand. Whether you have experienced Vivace firsthand or are curious just how this treatment is transforming the aesthetic industry, you owe it to yourself to learn a bit more about Vivace and just how incredible it can be.

As always, I love to share a bit of the science behind the services we offer with our patients. Vivace uses microneedling radio frequency to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin within the skin. The radio frequency used through the specially coated microneedling tips heat the tissue without damaging it like other laser devices. This minimizes discomfort and downtime following treatment.

There are two main benefits to bringing Vivace to Seiler Skin: its ability to address common skin health concerns and its potential to expand the number of patients we can treat. The collagen remodeling and formation induced by the device treats things such as fine lines, wrinkles, laxity, texture and scars. Vivace is particularly useful for treating the lower face and neck — two areas of the body that show signs of aging sooner. Additionally, the microneedles allow our team to target even smaller areas such as the eyelids that traditional laser devices cannot without significant downtime.

Vivace has also allowed us to treat more patients and deliver the results they want. Unlike other technologies on the market, Vivace lets us potentially treat patients with darker complexions, especially for things such as scarring. We’ve also seen with patients that Vivace is an alternative to more invasive, surgical treatments for improving the appearance of the face or neck. By undergoing a series of treatments, people can prolong the need for these sorts of procedures by years.

Don’t just take our word for it — patients themselves are seeing the true benefits of Vivace. Some have been so happy with the initial treatment series that they’ve followed up with additional treatments of Vivace, transforming their current skincare plan. Others have noticed that with Vivace, they don’t need the same quantity of other treatments, such as laser treatments and filler. We’ve even had patients fall asleep during treatment, that’s how painless it is!

I don’t say this lightly when it comes to treatments, but Vivace truly is a gamechanger for our practice and the aesthetic industry overall. Its science is unparalleled, letting us improve patients’ skin health concerns and provide them with the results they’ve been searching for. If you’re ready to discover Vivace and how it could benefit you, give us a call today at 205.870.0204 or book your consultation online.

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