Introducing the Power of TXA

By Seiler Staff

We’re always looking for new treatments, medical-grade products and technologies to introduce to our practice, but sometimes we also look for ways to improve the services we already provide. Whether it’s updating to the newest version of a laser device or adding another proven product to your regimen, there are ways we can enhance the experience you’ve already come to expect at Seiler Skin. Today is one of those days as we roll out the introduction of tranexamic acid — or TXA, for short. This has become the latest addition to one of our patients’ favorite treatments, so we thought to share how it could change your skin health for the better.

TXA isn’t a new drug in the aesthetic industry. In fact, it’s been used for years as a topical non-hydroquinone to treat pigment and discoloration in the skin. Over the last few years, however, new research and studies have shown that when combined with microneedling, TXA can better address pigmentation, especially in darker complexions, as the microneedling creates small channels through which the solution can better penetrate the skin. That research has led us to now combining TXA with one of our most talked about treatments — the Vampire Facial.

You’re probably no stranger to the Vampire Facial, a microneedling treatment that uses the power of platelet rich plasma (PRP) to improve skin texture, pores, acne, scarring and complexion. We have now seen firsthand that adding TXA to a Vampire Facial can make a world of difference for patients, particularly those with melasma, sun-induced pigment (especially for those who cannot avoid the sun long enough to consider laser treatments) and those with a naturally darker complexion who experience pigmentation. TXA is able to better address pigmentation in darker skin due to its ability to penetrate the skin through the use of microneedling. Additionally, many laser devices that treat discoloration or hyperpigmentation may be too strong for darker complexions, making TXA a great alternative.

We’ve also seen TXA work wonders for those experiencing pigmentation as a result of the inflammation of the skin. Pigmentation caused by melasma, hormones, acne or other inflammatory causes can be greatly improved as TXA is able to address more deeply rooted pigment. It’s also great for sun damage, which is more set into the skin and oftentimes difficult to improve.

Now, you may be asking — what’s the added cost? The benefit of TXA is two-fold: not only does it not add much to the total cost of a Vampire Facial, but it also lessens the need for more expensive laser treatments. Your skincare is an investment that requires providing it with the treatments and products it needs to be at its healthiest, and TXA is the latest product to do just that!

Maybe you already see us regularly for Vampire Facials or perhaps you’re wanting to experience what all the buzz is about. Regardless, you owe it to your skin health and yourself to discover the difference that TXA can make! Talk with our team and find out if TXA is right for you by calling us at 205.870.0204 or scheduling an appointment online.

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