Introducing the RHA® Collection of Fillers

By Warren B. Seiler III MD

Ever since opening up my practice years ago, I’ve focused on one mission — providing patients both existing and new with the latest, scientifically proven treatments designed to help them achieve their skin health goals. I thoroughly research any new treatment on the market and make sure it’ll truly benefit those who come through our doors, and trust me when I say it takes a lot to impress me after so many years of working in this industry! That’s why I’m excited to introduce the RHA® Collection of fillers to Seiler Skin and expand our overall filler offerings!

How is this brand of filler different from others and why are we bringing it to our practice? I thought to answer some common questions so you can learn a bit more about the RHA® Collection and why I believe it sets a new standard of care for fillers.

What is the RHA® Collection?

The RHA® Collection is an FDA-approved, proven brand of filler that just recently launched in the United States. This filler has been used in Europe for years and was approved for use in the U.S. back in 2017, but is just now expanding to markets across the country. Seiler Skin is actually one of the first practices in all of Alabama to be approached about carrying the brand, which is really a testament to the quality treatment and expertise we provide patients!

What does the RHA® Collection treat?

This line of filler is designed to treat fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and lower face that are caused by constant muscle contraction. These dynamic lines — also called expression lines — are the result of doing things such as laughing, talking and frowning. The formula behind the RHA® Collection is proven to be more effective than other fillers in treating these areas given its formula better conforms to the body’s tissues and restores volume loss. In addition to the mouth and lower face, the RHA® Collection can also be used under the eyes and in the cheeks/temple.

Why did you decide to bring this brand to Seiler Skin?

I cannot understate how much of a game changer this filler is for our patients. In the past, many people weren’t good candidates for filler due to areas of movement that the injectables we used just couldn’t address. Now, with the RHA® Collection, I can better treat a wide variety of patients and deliver the results they want — all because of this new filler line. As mentioned already, I only introduce a new treatment to our practice after I’ve vetted the science behind it, seen proven results and had an opportunity to use it firsthand. Throughout the training I’ve undergone with the RHA® Collection brand and after consulting with injection experts around the world, I saw nothing but incredible results across a variety of patients.

Can you explain the science behind this brand?

Of course! The first thing to know is that the RHA® Collection contains hyaluronic acid (HA), a substance naturally produced in the body to help moisten and strengthen the skin to give you a younger appearance. Second, the filler is composed of molecules linked together in chains by chemical bonds. Unlike other fillers that may have more rigid bonds, the chains in the RHA® Collection are longer and have more flexible bonds, very similar to how HA appears when naturally produced by your skin. This structure allows the filler to conform and move with the skin, resulting in better results and keeping the patient from “feeling” the filler in the tissue..

Is this brand intended to replace other fillers?

Not necessarily. Different brands of filler are designed to treat different skin concerns related to volume loss. Unlike the other fillers we use that focus on static lines, folds and volume loss, the RHA® Collection is different given its treatment of dynamic/expression lines — a difference that greatly expands the way in which I can help patients achieve their goals. I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but this brand is truly a game changer that will transform the way we treat patients with filler!

I’m thrilled to introduce patients to the RHA® Collection of filler and can’t wait to see the noticeable, natural results people experience from this new addition to our line of treatments. If you’re ready to discover the RHA® Collection difference, book your next appointment by calling us today at 205.870.0204 or scheduling online!

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