Our Commitment to Safety: Introducing the Guardian-X UV-C Air Purification System

By Seiler Skin Staff

The last few months have been difficult for all of us as we’ve grappled with the COVID-19 pandemic and taken the steps necessary to protect our patients, friends, families and loved ones. Here at Seiler Skin, safety has always been a top priority for our patients and staff, which is why we’re excited to share with you our new Guardian-X UV-C Air Purification system — the latest step we’ve undertaken to ensure your health and safety.

As we began to learn more about COVID-19 in the winter, we spent time researching every way possible to keep you, our patient, safe. From the research we read, one thing that was commonly overlooked is something we take for granted every day — the air we breathe. While you can wipe down surfaces and routinely sterilize things, it’s nearly impossible to achieve a “clean” environment without taking into consideration air quality. This is especially important for enclosed spaces like offices where the many illnesses we encounter are spread through the air. That’s why we’ve invested in the Guardian-X UV-C Air Purification system.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “Is this the same UV discussed when we talk about sun damage?” And the answer is yes! This system uses an enclosed UV-C light that actively pulls air through and kills bacteria, viruses and fungi to purify the air within our office space. Many homes utilize UV-C mainly to eliminate mold in air vents, however, studies show that the air may move through those units so quickly that the air is not really cleaned. The model we’ve installed is designed for spaces such as offices and businesses and processes the air slow enough so that the organisms are actually killed. We’ve placed these all throughout the practice — you can check out Dr. Seiler helping with the installation firsthand here — so that rooms and hallways are cleaned every 15 minutes. This means that our system is constantly running, even if light switches are turned off between appointments in our consult rooms, so that all the air circulates through the system on a constant basis.

The Guardian-X UV-C air purification systems are state of the art technology. One of the reasons we opted for this system is the fact it kills bacteria, viruses and fungi rather than simply trapping it. The Guardian-X UV is also a model commonly used in hospitals across the country in order to enhance air quality standards for patients. Some small practices may see this as “too large” of an investment, but at Seiler Skin we don’t think there’s a price tag on the safety of our patients and team.

We understand you all have had many questions during these uncertain times and will likely have more in the future. As always, we are committed to ensuring each person who walks through our doors feels confident they are walking into a safe and healthy environment that has their best interest in mind. This new air system is just one of the many things we have and will continue to do to guarantee Seiler Skin puts care first.

Whether you’ve been a patient for years or are looking for a new place to invest in your skin health, look no further than our team. Call us today or book your next appointment online — we can’t wait to see you! As a special “thank you” to patients old and new, we’re offering a free Alastin Hydratint with any online or in-person purchase of $200 or more of Alastin products using code “HYDRATINT.”

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