Patient Profile: Reyna Doege

By Seiler Skin Staff

No matter your sex, gender, ethnicity or background, everyone deserves a trusted skincare partner who will always keep their best interests in mind. At Seiler Skin, we strive to foster an environment in which patients feel cared for and respected by our entire team. In celebration of Pride season, we talked with Reyna Doege about her experience with other practices and why she trusts the team here at Seiler Skin!

How long have you been a patient at Seiler Skin?

I have been a patient since the start of 2017.

Why did you choose Seiler Skin over other practices in the area?

A friend and fellow trans woman recommended I look into Seiler Skin after I told her about my past experiences with other practices in the area. She’d received great treatment and care from Dr. Seiler and his team, and suggested I book an initial consultation to learn more. I was also impressed to read about all of the laser treatments offered at the practice and Dr. Seiler’s extensive level of training in the cosmetic laser industry.

What are the “skin goals” you initially discussed with Dr. Seiler?

I was interested in learning more about cosmetic laser procedures as well as products I could integrate into my daily skincare routine. Past practices had offered similar treatment plans but did not deliver the results I was looking for.

Which treatments have you undergone?

I visited Seiler Skin for laser hair removal (LHR) treatment for the face and couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve experienced! Dr. Seiler took the time to evaluate my skin concerns during our initial consultation and then tailored a treatment plan specific to my needs. He also took the time to walk me through the process and address any concerns I had pre- or post-treatment. After just two sessions, I noticed visible results that eight sessions at other practices hadn’t come close to achieving.

How has Seiler Skin helped you form your own skincare regimen?

Dr. Seiler really equips you with the knowledge needed to take care of your skin each and every day! He recommended different products I could incorporate into my regimen, such as a medical-grade sunscreen and moisturizer, and the various lifestyle tweaks I could make to  better care for my skin.

How would you describe your experience with Dr. Seiler and his team?

My experience at Seiler Skin has been nothing short of spectacular. Dr. Seiler and his team treat every patient with the level of respect they deserve and keep your best interests top of mind. It’s also great to go to a place and not feel like you’re simply another business transaction. They really take the time to foster relationships with patients and serve as a trusted skincare partner.

How has your approach to skincare changed since meeting with Dr. Seiler?

I would say that Seiler Skin has changed my entire outlook on skin health and the importance of investing in the right products and treatments. Dr. Seiler always answers any questions I may have and is there to ensure I am 100% in control of my own skin health.

What would you say to someone who is considering visiting Seiler Skin?

You can shop around at other practices in the area, but you’ll just end up at Seiler Skin by the end of it all! You will not find another team that can offer the level of patient care and service found at Seiler Skin. If you want a team that cares about you and truly wants to improve your skin heath, this is the place.

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