Putting a Stop to “Maskne” & Skin Troubles

By Jill Seiler

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We’re all doing our part to stay safe and stop the spread of COVID, and masks are our best line of defense to protect ourselves and others. One unfortunate trend that’s come about though: “maskne.” We’ve talked with so many patients who have noticed more acne and blemishes over the last year, particularly around the mouth and chin, so I thought to discuss how you can prevent “maskne” and keep your skin looking bright and fresh while still being safe.

What causes “maskne?”

A lot of patients have told us lately of their concerns with increased acne and/or irritated skin around the mouth, chin and jawline related to wearing a mask on a daily basis. This can be especially difficult for those who may be healthcare or essential workers and wear a mask for hours and hours every day — trust me, our team can relate. Some of the most common causes for maskne include:

  • Bacteria buildup — our masks trap bacteria, dead skin and oil throughout the day, creating the prime environment for acne to pop up.
  • Follicle irritation —the friction of your mask against your skin can cause hair follicles to become irritated or even ingrown, resulting in blemish and redness.
  • Humidity — even during the winter months, trapped humidity in your mask from breathing can result in greater acne breakouts.

Another important thing to remember when trying to prevent maskne: change and clean your mask on a regular basis! Reusable masks are great, but you should be washing them daily just as you would any other item of clothing, especially given how often it’s being worn.

Which products can prevent and treat maskne?

Dr. Seiler and our team are here to help you determine a medical-grade product regimen tailored to your skin’s specific needs, but my personal savior (and a favorite among patients) is the line of products from SkinCeuticals. Your routine should not only treat concerns like acne or irritation, but also prep skin to prevent them in the first place. SkinCeuticals uses ingredients and formulas that give your skin a strong, healthy foundation to protect against bacteria, pollution and outside irritants, especially in times of stress. Some of my go-to products include:

Are there treatments to improve maskne?

While there are plenty of treatments at Seiler Skin for each patient’s specific needs, there are some standard ones we’ve found great at preventing and treating acne. Regular HydraFacials and chemical peels rid your skin of impurities and give your pores the refresh they need to defend themselves against acne. Also, we love recommending regular Vampire Facials for patients experiencing persistent or deep set acne. Not only can the PRP in Vampire Facials lessen the occurrence of acne, but also treat acne scarring or pigmentation from past breakouts. The Vampire Facial helps your skin increase its ability to heal and defend itself!

We’re hopeful that COVID will soon be a thing of the past, but unfortunately the same can’t be said for acne. Whether you’re dealing with a temporary breakout, wanting to enhance your regimen or exploring different acne treatment options, Seiler Skin is your place to go! Book your next appointment online or call us today at 205.870.0204

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