Refresh with RHA Filler

By Warren B. Seiler III MD

We introduced the RHA Collection of fillers to our practice a year and a half ago, and the results we’ve seen in patients are nothing short of extraordinary! The RHA brand of fillers has truly been a game-changer in how we treat common skin concerns such as volume loss, skin laxity, definition in the jawline/cheeks/chin, and fine lines & wrinkles. It’s been a while since we talked about the key differentiators of this filler and why we now provide it at Seiler Skin, so I thought to hit some of the main takeaways around RHA and why it’s one of the most popular fillers on the market.

Innovative & Effective Science

The formula behind the RHA Collection is truly like no other. First, this brand of filler incorporates longer chains of hyaluronic acid (HA) with very little cross-linking, making it very similar to your body’s own production of HA to hydrate and strengthen your skin. By incorporating HA into the filler, RHA is able to give you a more youthful appearance from the inside out. Another science element that makes RHA so effective is the molecular structure of the filler. There are much fewer and less rigid cross-linkings of the HA molecules, allowing the filler to better distribute in your skin and prevent you from “feeling” the filler.  This also allows for natural animation and movement of the face without concern of abnormally seeing or feeling the filler in the tissue.

More Natural Appearance

The science of RHA has a direct impact on how natural the filler looks after injection. RHA is able to conform to movement in the treated area, meaning the restoration of volume appears more natural. This also ensures you are still able to move your face and show every expression without fear of looking unnatural or injected. Combining RHA with my proven injection expertise, I am able to deliver better, improved results for patients that will have them leaving our office knowing they’ve received the best care possible.

Expanded Treatment Areas

The RHA Collection has expanded the areas of the face we can treat with filler. Traditional fillers are used to restore volume in areas such as the cheeks or lips. RHA is able to treat more shallow areas and address superficial lines and wrinkles, such as those around the mouth and in the lower face. Its formula lets us address “dynamic” lines – those caused by repeated muscle movement – in these areas that other injectables can’t treat as well.

Long-Lasting Results

I cannot emphasize enough how great the science behind RHA is! Due to the makeup of the filler, patients can expect longer-lasting results compared to traditional fillers. In some cases, I’m even able to use less injections per treatment given how effective RHA is. That being said, it’s still important to follow your treatment plan and come in for regular injections. Our team works with each patient to determine the right number of injections and frequency for your visits. Your skin health is an investment, so be sure to stick with your regimen.

Before & Immediately After Photos 

The RHA Collection has been a welcome addition here at Seiler Skin, and I cannot wait to help more patients discover its benefits. Whether you’ve been coming to us for years or are looking to begin your skincare journey, we’re here to determine how the RHA fillers can benefit you in addition to our other service offerings. If you’re ready to discover the RHA Collection difference, book your next appointment by calling us today at 205.870.0204 or scheduling online!

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