Michelle D

I cannot begin to thank Dr. Seiler enough for the beautiful results I have experienced since my recent Fraxel treatment. I have struggled with melasma for more than 10 years – covering the sides of my face, chin and forehead. Over the course of those 10 years I have used the Obagi system, undergone 12 IPL treatments and numerous chemical peels at various Birmingham area physician offices – with virtually no positive results. I have never seen a true improvement until I visited Dr. Warren Seiler – first I will say that my switch to Skin Medica was a welcome relief from the Obagi routine – immediately my skin looked more even, hydrated and luminous.

Dr. Seiler did perform 2 IPLs on my face to address the melasma and I did see improvement for the first time ever! However, the most amazing result came as a result of the Fraxel laser treatment. The results after one treatment are better than I ever imagined! Better than my husband ever imagined! Maybe even better than Dr. Seiler imagined! This treatment was nothing short of miraculous – with virtually no pain – and limited downtime – I returned to work a new person. The melasma I thought I would live with forever – is gone! I have gone from wearing Dermablend full coverage makeup to conceal the brown spots that covered both sides of my face and chin – to wearing tinted moisturizer primarily to increase my SPF coverage!

My results were so amazing in such a short time – my friend made an appointment for the treatment the next week!

Michelle D

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