Milli L

I am fairly new to Birmingham and are very thankful a friend here told me about Dr. Seiler and his wonderful staff. I saw Dr. Seiler a little over a month ago for a consultation and an IPL treatment. I immediately had a very positive opinion of him. I will also say I am very cautious, having had a bad experience with a doctor in another state which actually left permanent scarring from a laser. Dr. Seiler was thorough in discussing my history and his experience. After my first visit, I made another appointment to discuss with him performing a CO2 Resurfacing Laser Procedure. I wish to share my extremely positive experience. Dr Seiler explained in detail what would occur- what I would need to do pre-procedure, what would occur the day of the procedure and very importantly the care I would need to take post-procedure. Today I saw Dr. Seiler which is DAY 6 post-procedure. We are both TICKLED with the results. He reported my quick recovery was due to diligent aftercare. He reported some patients take 2 weeks to progress to my stage at day 6 . Dr. Seiler and his staff take great care to make sure you know the proper protocol for after care. The information is covered personally in the office as well as a packet of information to take home. Ice, Ice, Ice and constant elevation kept swelling to a minimum. I started sluffing on Day 3– the vinegar soak was helpful followed by washing gently in circular motions with the provided wash. Most of the skin was gone by Day 4. Needless to say, lots of the special moisturizers applied and taking of all medication as instructed. I am impressed that Dr. Seiler and his excellent staff have kept in contact through this process. He called the morning after the procedure and the following day saw me to check my progress. Today was Day 6 check and I see him in another week. I am very happy with my initial results just 6 days out . Some long standing issues are resolved. I look forward to the continued benefits from the procedure. His staff is wonderful and Dr. Seiler is a keeper!
Milli L

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