Tackling the Taboos of the Cosmetic Industry

By Seiler Skin Staff

Over the past 12 years, we have treated more than 13,000 thousand patients with a single mission in mind: to serve as a trusted skin care partner to everyone who walks through our doors. Whether it’s an initial one-on-one consultation  or a routine treatment, our team is dedicated to helping you look and feel like your absolute best self. Seiler Skin has been Birmingham’s premier specialized skin health provider for years and we strive every day to maintain that status!

While cosmetic and aesthetic treatments have become more mainstream in recent years, patients still share how they sometimes feel societal pressure to hide the fact they visit us for their skin care needs. Even some patients who have been with us since the very beginning and have seen great results express how they still fear being judged by their family members, friends or peers for having undergone cosmetic treatments. We believe every person should feel confident in the life decisions they make, which is why we want to dispel some common taboos around our industry and give everyone the courage to embrace their skin health once and for all.

The leading taboo surrounding the cosmetic and aesthetic industry is that people who choose to undergo treatments are vain. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Our field of work is centered around one goal: helping people look and feel their best. Personal training sessions, hair appointments and manicures are all seen as forms of self-care – so why can the same not be said for cosmetic treatments? No matter if it’s a chemical peel or Botox, the services we offer are ways in which people can invest in themselves and achieve their personal goals.

Additionally, the treatments we provide help address deep-rooted insecurities – aka “skinsecurities” – that many people possess. Acne scars, spider veins and hyperpigmentation are just a few conditions that can impact someone on a deeply personal, emotional level. As Birmingham’s trusted skin health partner, our mission is to leverage the resources and knowledge we have in order to give everyone the confidence they need to live life without feeling insecure about treatable issues.

Another taboo we hear a lot – especially in pop culture and the media – is that aesthetic treatments always leave people looking “unnatural.” We aim to enhance a patient’s natural look, not give them an entirely new one. Referred patients tell us all the time that they chose our practice over others because of how great their friends look without it being obvious that they’ve received cosmetic treatment. Our team doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution to skin health. Rather, we practice a holistic approach that enables us to determine which treatments will work best for a person’s specific needs. This approach, paired with our deep understanding of the science and technology behind our treatments, allows us deliver noticeable yet natural results.

The final taboo around our industry that we want to put an end to is that skin care is something only women should invest in. Your skin health is something you should care about no matter who you are! Studies have shown that, in recent years, the number of men opting for cosmetic treatments such as Botox has grown tremendously, and here at Seiler Skin we’ve seen similar growth in the number of male patients who come see us. There are also specific treatments, such as the P-shot, specifically designed to address health issues that men face. Dr. Seiler invests in his skin, so why not do the same for yourself?

Our goal at Seiler Skin is to equip patients with the education, products and treatments that will help them feel like the best version of themselves. So, we invite you to join us, take a stand against taboos and make the choice to prioritize your skin health today!

If you want to learn more about the specific services offered at Seiler Skin, call us today or book your very own one-on-one consultation.

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