The Dynamic Duo: How Dr. Seiler & Jill Live, Work, and Play Together!

By Seiler Skin Staff

Everybody knows that Seiler Skin is the go-to practice in Birmingham for your skin health needs, but what exactly is the story behind our favorite husband and wife duo? People are oftentimes surprised to learn that Dr. Seiler and Jill both live and work together, and constantly ask questions about how they manage to do both so well. We decided to go straight to the source to find out more about their lives together – here’s what they had to say!

Where did you grow up?

Dr. Seiler: I grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas, and moved to Birmingham for my general surgery residency after attending Notre Dame and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

Jill: Alabama native, through and through! I grew up in Gadsden and after living in Georgia and Florida for some time I moved back to Birmingham in 2010.

How did you two meet?

Jill: We actually met on a plane! We had an immediate and strong connection!

How did you know working together would turn out so well? Who or what inspired you to try this?

Dr. Seiler: We didn’t know it would work at the time, but both of us had certain strengths that we believed – when combined – would make for a successful practice and happy environment for our patients. Early in our relationship, we drew inspiration from friends of ours, Dr. Joe Niamtu and his wife, April. They truly embodied the perfect balance between both living and working together.

How do spouses work together without driving each other crazy?

Jill: Very carefully! But seriously, we just don’t know any different. We’ve worked together pretty much since we began dating. It’s a great feeling to work alongside someone you trust completely. It’s natural to question yourself sometimes and need confirmation you’re making the right decisions or choices, but we know we’re stronger because we have each other’s backs – always.

Who’s the real boss?

Dr. Seiler: Who do you think? Totally Jill! All joking aside, it’s actually pretty much equal. We share responsibilities depending on the situation and whose expertise is needed most. Although generally, we like to say I’m book smart and she’s street smart.

What’s the hardest part about working together?

Jill: The hardest part is not taking work home. We don’t consider the practice “work,” so sometimes dinner turns into a brainstorming session, strategy discussion, or goal planning meeting. However, we often remind ourselves we need “us time” too!

What’s the best part about working together?

Dr. Seiler: The best part is that we get to be together every day. It’s nice to have someone you care about by your side – plus we also get to travel together for play and work!

What have you learned the most about one another working together over the last 10 years?

Jill: I’ve learned that Warren is the kind of person who needs to talk through things to come to a resolution. Whenever we’re facing a decision together, I give him the space to “exprocess” what’s on his mind and then really take to heart his perspective of the situation. This helps us both express our thoughts and come to the best solution for the practice.

Dr. Seiler: I’ve learned not to take Jill’s approach personally, as she’s proven time and time again her ability to make certain types of decisions more quickly. It’s actually one of her greatest strengths, and it really helps balance out the relationship.

What would patients be surprised to learn about you two?

Jill: Warren tears up with emotion during Notre Dame football games. He loves his alma mater so much, he actually proposed to me in the Grotto on campus! 

Dr. Seiler: Jill loves fishing, especially in remote quiet places. If she could be reincarnated as anyone it would be Jeremy Wade from the show River Monsters.

Where do you see the future in working together?

Dr. Seiler & Jill: We’re excited about the evolution of our practice and how much it’s grown since we first started. We have so many wonderful patients and are thankful for their trust in us over the years! Educating patients on the cause of their concerns and not just treating the symptoms has always been an important part of our approach to skin health. Our new training company is a reflection of that commitment to providing superior patient service and will provide more practitioners the opportunity to become experts in their craft. From both the practice to the institute, we can’t wait for what’s next!

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