Treatment Prep 101: What to Do Before, During & After

By Seiler Skin Staff

No one patient is the same, which is why we develop a unique treatment plan for every person who walks through our doors. Whether someone is looking to boost collagen development with a series of Vampire Facials or get ahead of achieving that summer bod with CoolSculpting, our team works with you to find procedures that’ll deliver the results you want. While each patient experience is different, there are still some ways every person — regardless of what they’re coming in for — prepare before, during and after treatment. Taking these steps not only saves you time when you visit Seiler Skin, but can also help lock in longer lasting results.

Before Treatment

  • Schedule a Pre-Op Appointment – keeping patients informed of everything there is to know about a treatment is top priority for us. Be sure to get details on things such as how long the treatment takes, what post-treatment downtime entails and if there have been any changes to treatment since your last visit. Don’t worry though, our team will prep you with all this info during your pre-op appointment.
  • Stop Using Certain Products – depending on the treatment you’re getting, you may need to reduce or stop the use of certain skincare products. The main one to look out for is retinol, which we recommend stopping for five to seven days prior to treatments. We will also add specific Alastin Skincare products to prep your skin for treatment and boost results.
  • Pre-Pay – save time during your visit by pre-paying for your treatment. Most of our treatments require a down payment at the time you schedule or, depending on the treatment, full payment seven days prior to your procedure.

During Treatment

  • Come Barefaced – no need to get all dolled up before your appointment! Coming in with a clean, makeup-free face helps cut down on how long your treatment will take (but don’t forget to apply your SPF).
  • Account for Check-In/Check-Out Time – some days are busier than others, so we recommend arriving about 15 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment. We work hard to ensure you’re back to your day in no time, but you should still try and not book anything else on your calendar too shortly after treatment.
  • Update Your Skincare History – has anything changed in your regimen since you last visited us, or is there any other update to your medical history that could affect the treatment? Let us know of any changes to account for — this step happens in the pre-op appointment, but be sure to note any updates since then!

After Treatment

  • Plan Your Schedule Ahead – certain treatments require a certain amount of downtime, so it’s best to make sure you don’t have any big commitments depending on procedure. Whether it’s a party the night of or a family vacation to the beach, avoid outings that could impact your recovery.
  • Incorporate Products to Boost Recovery – did you know there are certain medical-grade products that not only help recovery time, but also enhance results? Alastin Skincare has a variety of options we can talk with you about to determine which may best enhance your treatment results.
  • Avoid Sun Exposure – even with SPF applied, you should avoid sun exposure following treatment, especially following laser procedures. This reduces recovery time, improves results and prevents any possible adverse effects. During the pre-op appointment, we’ll go over which treatments may require you to avoid the sun and for how long.

The most important thing you can do to get ready for a treatment is consult with our team of experts — and that’s exactly what we’re here for! We understand that your skin’s health isn’t tied to just one day and will partner with you every step of the way. Book your next visit to Seiler Skin by scheduling online or giving us a call at 205.870.0204.


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