Unlocking the Full Benefits of Vampire Treatments

By Jill Seiler

By now you’ve likely heard a lot about the Vampire Facial and incredible power of platelet rich plasma, more commonly referred to as PRP. We’ve posted about it across social media, blogged on common myths and even demonstrated live just how the treatment works. It’s definitely become a staple here at Seiler Skin and truly a favorite, especially among our loyal patient base, but did you know the true skin benefits of PRP go far beyond just the Vampire Facial?

First, let’s take a look back at what exactly platelet rich plasma does for the body. PRP is a concentrated source of platelets, growth factors and cytokines produced naturally in your body that stimulate and control healthy regenerative processes. These different things help promote collagen development and soft tissue remodeling — two things that help your skin maintain a fuller, more youthful appearance. We obtain your PRP through an FDA-approved process that involves drawing some of your blood, spinning it in a centrifuge and then applying it topically through microneedling and injecting into deeper tissue. Thus, we are able to give your skin the jumpstart it needs to look its best!

Now, you may be asking, “I already know this, what’s new here?” One thing we’ve noticed is some patients who come in for our Vampire Facial stop there and don’t discover the full range of benefits our Vampire treatments provide. The technology behind PRP isn’t limited to just your face and can be used to benefit practically the entire body, addressing common signs of aging we all experience as we get older. Plus, when patients come in for a Vampire Facial, we’re able to easily add other areas, making the most out of your visit.

Below are just a few of the other areas and skin concerns this proven, state-of-the-art science can treat:

  • Neck & Chest — Have you noticed the skin on your neck and chest appearing thinner and more crepey as time passes? PRP is great for restoring collagen, improving texture and reducing laxity, giving you a more healthy and youthful look. When it comes to skin wellness, don’t forget your skin extends beyond your face!
  • Breasts & Cleavage — Applying PRP to the breast and cleavage area is one of the lesser known treatments we offer but truly yields incredible results. This is optimal for restoring fullness to the breasts and improving the texture of the skin.
  • Hands — We commonly forget that our hands can show our age and need attention too. PRP injections can address issues such as texture, thinning, and volume loss, so make sure to not forget your hands when building your skincare regimen and treatment plan!
  • Hair Loss — Both men and women alike witness hair thinning and loss over time. While PRP can’t remedy those experiencing significant hair loss, it can help with slight thinning, especially along the hairline.
  • Sexual Health — There should never be shame in taking care of your sexual health, and you guessed it: PRP can help! The P-Shot and O-Shot are both ideal treatments for people wanting to enhance sensation, improve sexual libido and address issues like erectile dysfunction or urinary incontinence.

Long story short, the applications and benefits of PRP are endless. We want to educate all of our patients on just how amazing these treatments can be along their skin wellness journeys and help them look and feel their best for many years to come. And, just to encourage you to try new things, we’re offering a special offer on our Vampire treatments! When you come into Seiler Skin and book a Vampire procedure that includes three or more treatment areas, you’ll receive the Alastin TriHex Preview Regimena $175 valuefor FREE! Don’t wait and book your next visit by either scheduling an appointment online or call us at 205.870.0204.


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