Why I decided to bring CoolSculpting® to Seiler Skin

By Warren B. Seiler III MD

By Warren B. Seiler III, M.D.

For years now, I have seen patient after patient frustrated with stubborn fat in areas that do not respond well (or quickly) to diet and exercise. Their concerns are very common, and certainly not something of which to be ashamed. Patients also frequently ask me for my recommendations on non-invasive cosmetic treatments designed to address these issues, like CoolSculpting®, Sculpsure®, Vanquish™ or Zerona™.

My response to this question has always been the same – I will never recommend or bring a new device, procedure or treatment into my practice without checking off two important boxes. First, I must carefully evaluate the science and confirm that its results are both proven and significant, and second, I must fully assess its competition to ensure we only offer our patients the very best.

After completing this analysis, it became clear that only one fat-reduction device exceeded my standards and truly stood out from other similar treatments. So, I’m excited to announce that we are now proud to offer CoolSculpting at Seiler Skin!
For those unfamiliar with the treatment, CoolSculpting is a non-surgical fat-freezing (cryolipolysis) procedure that permanently removes hard-to-lose fat on the stomach, hips (love handles), chin and neck (double chin), back, arms, legs, bra-area and buttocks. As opposed to other lasers and devices that use heat, CoolSculpting uses freezing to selectively target fat cells and stimulate the body’s natural cell removal process (apoptosis).

Do not let the thought of “freezing” fat turn you away from this incredible procedure, though. CoolSculpting has proven to be both safe and effective, and many patients find themselves surprised to discover the treatment itself is not actually cold, but rather quite cozy and comfortable! The beauty of this treatment is that it is very easily tolerated, and patients can walk right out the door afterwards and continue their normal activities. People of all ages, skin types and skin colors (including darker-skinned patients) can achieve amazing results!
As with many cosmetic treatments and procedures, success is fully dependent upon two things – the quality of the device used, and the experience of the administering practitioner. At Seiler Skin, we have two of the newest, most advanced CoolSculpting devices on the market with all the available applicators (sizes). This allows us to select the perfect size applicator required to sculpt each area of concern, and treat multiple areas at the same time (DualSculpting) – reducing the total cost and overall treatment time. Additionally, each of our highly trained practitioners are Certified CoolSculpting Applicators.

If you are interested in learning more about how CoolSculpting can help you, call us today at 205-870-0204 to schedule a consultation. We will provide an honest evaluation, and create a customized treatment plan that will help you achieve your desired results!

*Interesting fact: The creators of CoolSculpting discovered the power and potential of freezing fat after learning of a medical condition called “Popsicle Panniculitis.” They found that young children who ate a large number of popsicles were losing cheek fat without any damage to other tissue. This observation led them to begin research into the process of freezing fat, and ultimately resulted in the pioneering of this technology.

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