Why see a physician’s office for skincare?

By Jill Seiler

Medical Grade Skincare

1. A physician’s office offers medical grade skincare that is not available over-the-counter. Medical grade skincare like Alastin, Revision and Skinceuticals are backed by scientific evidence proving effective results, while over-the-counter products are generally not scientifically researched or regulated. Medical grade skincare has high concentrations of quality ingredients and a proven delivery system that allows the ingredients to penetrate into your skin. Otherwise the ingredients just sit on the skin’s surface and don’t work. What makes a product medical grade or over-the-counter is the difference in over-the-counter products having less than 3% active ingredient.

Customized Skincare Regimen

2. Dr. Seiler and his medical aestheticians will talk to you about your skin concerns, analyze what skincare products you’ve been using, your make-up, lifestyle factors and hormone or allergy issues that could be affecting your skin. After consulting with you, we will develop a customized skincare regimen tailored to your specific needs. We will tell you how to use each product and in what order to obtain safe and effective results.

Ongoing Care

3. Your medical grade skincare products come with free personal trainers for your skin! At Seiler Skin, we follow up with you on an ongoing basis to ensure everything is going well with your new skincare regimen. We discuss any changes that may need to be made or just to hear from you that you are happy with your new skincare and results. We like to see you every 2-4 weeks in person to ensure we are achieving your skincare goals and discuss any treatments or procedures to add to your skincare regimen. We believe the best results come from both procedures and skincare products combined. We develop a plan for you that will include at least a 6-month treatment plan.


4. Our main goal in everything we do is making you happy with your skincare results. In your consultation, we will explain our philosophy to you about the importance of “daily exercise” for your skin. To achieve long-lasting, great skincare results, your skin needs daily exercise through your skincare regimen. That way you aren’t trying to run a marathon once per year with one big procedure to fix the damage that has been done through sun exposure and general aging. Our philosophy of treating your skin is proven effective and our patients who commit to their skin love their results and so will you!

Save Money

5. Avoiding over-the-counter products will actually save you money! How many over-the-counter products have you purchased and threw away over the years trying to find something that worked? Your customized skincare regimen from Seiler Skin will change the way you feel about your investment in skincare. Medical grade skincare products are truly treatments for your skin that can make you happy with your skin for years to come!

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