Why We Carry: ALASTIN Skincare®

By Warren B. Seiler III MD

We take immense pride in the fact that our patients trust us every day to help them address their skin concerns and achieve their personal goals. It’s why we get up in the morning! Because of this, we only partner with brands we believe in and whose products deliver proven results. I do my due diligence before deciding to introduce a brand at our practice by asking two questions: how can the products give my patients the results they want, and what can the brand do to better my team’s understanding of skincare? Today, I’m here to talk to you about how ALASTIN Skincare® (ALASTIN) answered both of those questions and became a valued partner of Seiler Skin.

We started working with ALASTIN in 2016, and in the past year became one of their “ambassador practices!” An ambassador practice is one that truly embodies ALASTIN’s commitment to skincare excellence, and as a result receives the latest products and training tools before anyone else in the industry. Our experience working with ALASTIN over the past two years has been wonderful, and I truly believe in this brand – both for my patients and my team.

When I initially began researching ALASTIN to decide if I wanted to bring it to my practice, one of the clear standout factors was the line’s ability to treat skin both before and after a procedure. Most skincare products focus solely on the post-treatment phase to help the skin heal after a procedure, whether it be CO2 laser resurfacing, Fraxel or another treatment. ALASTIN is different in that it can actually prepare your skin before a treatment by clearing the extra-cellular matrix (ECM), giving my team and me a better foundation from which to work. Not only does this speed up the healing process and deliver better results, it also reduces the number of pre-treatment steps a patient must take prior to seeing us. A great example is a patient of ours who routinely visits us for CO2 treatments and recently started using ALASTIN both before and after the procedure. She has not only seen better results from her treatments, but also experienced a significant improvement in downtime, redness and healing – all thanks to the powerful science behind this line of products! 

ALASTIN also has some of the most impressive science I have ever encountered in my professional career, with each ingredient and product having been individually tested and assessed. This is incredibly important when looking for the right skincare brand, since each patient’s unique needs require a unique regimen. ALASTIN has also been discussed at length in peer reviewed journals, with industry experts identifying the brand as one that achieves results rather than simply claiming to do so. Their products have been proven to produce greater elastin and collagen development – both important factors in creating fuller- and healthier-looking skin!

Moreover, our practice decided to partner with ALASTIN Skincare because of the in-depth knowledge and training the company provides my team. Seiler Skin receives top-level training materials from ALASTIN to ensure everyone at our practice is fully educated on the science behind its products, and on any new enhancements. As I mentioned earlier, as an ambassador practice we receive the newest products in advance of their release, meaning our patients are some of the first in the country to experience the latest skincare science on the market. Our partnership also allows us to conduct exclusive promotions and specials so you save more!

Our brand partners play an important role by providing us with medical-grade products that effectively address our patients’ skincare needs. ALASTIN Skincare has proven over the past two years to be a true partner not just to our practice, but also to our patients. We hear all the time how ALASTIN has helped them achieve the results they have been looking for that other products could not deliver. Patients who have gotten treatments from us for years have seen the difference this brand makes, which puts a smile on both their faces and ours!

If you’re interested in learning more about this fantastic brand and how we can put it to work for your skin, call us at 205.870.0204 or schedule a consultation today! 

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