Will Botox affect your facial expression?

By Warren B. Seiler III MD

The question:

When considering getting Botox, patients ask all the time:
I won’t look frozen, will I?  Or
Will I still have facial expression?  Or
Will I be able to move my face and smile?

The simple answer: 
If Botox is done correctly by a trained injector, you:
Won’t look frozen,
Will still have facial expression
Will be able to move your face and smile!

The reason:
As a trained injector, I know how much and where exactly to put the Botox.  My conservative approach using Botox to prevent and reduce lines and wrinkles will allow you to keep your facial expressions but still see a great result.

It’s not just about injecting the “recommended” amount into a cosmetic area.

As a trained injector, I know:

  • The facial anatomy.  You inject the muscle that causes the movement in making wrinkles, not the wrinkle itself.
  • How much to put in, as most people really don’t need as much as they get with other injectors.
  • How Botox in one area or muscle will affect another area.  For example, in treating forehead wrinkles, you have to know what you are doing to not cause the brow to be heavy.
  • What changes need to be made if the first treatment isn’t perfect.  I always have my patients follow up with me so that I can see the results.  If something needs to be “tweaked,” I know exactly what to add or change so that the result is perfection.  The novice injector may not know all the little things one needs to know to give more than just an average treatment.
  • How to inject without hurting the patient!  I hear all the time about a patient who has had Botox somewhere else and it hurt like hell.  After I convince them to try it with me, promising them it doesn’t have to be that bad, I hear:  “wow, that really didn’t hurt!”

The result: 

  • Great customized result
  • Comfortable treatment
  • Something you will be excited to keep doing!

You can still have normal facial expression because I don’t have to freeze your face to give you a reduction in wrinkles.  I just put in enough Botox to soften the movement so you can make the lines disappear.  Then the skin does its job in softening on its own because you aren’t “wrinkling that sheet” anymore.  Of course, other procedures like laser resurfacing and Fraxel can also help prevent, maintain, and quicken the result.

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