Achieving the Perfect Proportions of the Lower Face

By Warren B. Seiler III MD

A lot of patients have been coming into our practice lately asking about the GravityPhiX® solution to aging based on the incredible results they’ve seen through our blog, videos and social media feeds. My GravityPhiX® philosophy uses Botox, filler or a combination of the two to comprehensively address the most common signs of aging. One area people have been particularly interested over the last few months is the lips. We’ve talked before about the benefits of filler in the lower face, but I thought to talk about how achieving the perfect lips is all about proportions and the correct application of filler.

People hear “lip injections” and tend to picture the overdone, almost cartoonish versions seen on reality television and social media. The leading reason for someone’s lips looking a bit out of sorts following filler injections is because the injector hasn’t focused on the proportions of the face. The size of your lips fit into the overall profile of your entire face, which includes the chin, corners of the mouth, jawline and even the cheeks. If one of these elements is disproportionate from the others, it causes that part of the face to be more noticeable for all the wrong reasons. A great example of this is when people tend to want more filler in the upper lip when the lower lip is naturally supposed to be larger and jut out. By overfilling the top lip, it creates a pouting effect that throws off proportions and makes the injections look accidental rather than intentional.

The first step I take when treating the lips is assessing the root cause of someone’s concern. People experience volume loss in the lips naturally over time, but others have proportionally smaller lips to begin with. It’s important to make this distinction in order to set patient expectations and ensure a natural, noticeable look is achieved. Filler is all about restoring volume and providing a boost to the lips, not creating an entirely different shape. It’s also worth mentioning once again that some concerns may be related to muscle contraction and therefore require Botox. I conduct a full assessment to determine which injectable(s) will work best to provide the desired results.

Another important part about treating a patient with filler is determining what other parts of the lower face may actually be preventing someone from having the symmetrical look they want. When I train fellow practitioners across the country and around the world, I emphasize that all of the elements of the lower face work together and therefore should be treated in a holistic way. Adding filler to the corners of the mouth, lower cheeks, chin and even along the jawline can help balance everything out and produce a fuller, healthier appearance. Filler isn’t something that can just be randomly injected, but takes balance and precision to get just right.

Filler can produce wonderful results for people concerned with the appearance of their lips and lower face when used by expert hands, and lucky for you I’m an injection expert with thousands of treatments under my belt! While filler is most commonly used when addressing the lower face, it’s important to note that sometimes a combination of both filler and Botox is needed to fully treat your concerns, which is why the one-on-one consultation process I go through with patients is so important. By combining my understanding of facial anatomy and knowledge of injections, I can help find that perfect proportion and give you the look you’ve been wanting.

If you’re ready to discover how filler can change your life, book your initial consultation today by making an appointment online or calling us at 205.870.0204.

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