CoolSculpting vs. SculpSure – Which is better?

By Warren B. Seiler III MD

The cosmetic laser and aesthetic industry is changing constantly, with numerous new products and treatments introduced to the market every year. As a board-certified cosmetic laser surgeon with extensive training and experience in laser and energy-based device theory, physics and practical applications, I always stay up-to-date and research every device and product available. This ensures our patients receive the best and safest treatments possible. Rest assured – if there is device on the market that can bring you better results, I am going to see if it has a place at Seiler Skin!

CoolSculpting has for years now proven to be the best and safest device for non-invasive fat reduction and body contouring. However, a competitor, SculpSure, recently has gained some market share due to powerful advertising. Both treatments use different forms of technology to help patients target areas of the body that are more susceptible to carrying stubborn, hard to lose fat. After a thorough evaluation of both technologies, I decided to bring CoolSculpting to our practice in 2017, and our patients have been extremely happy with their results. Since then, I have heard many patients inquire about the differences between these two treatments, so I wanted to take the time to address several of the biggest ones and share why I still believe CoolSculpting is the preferred treatment for body contouring.

The first major difference between the two is the science and technology utilized to achieve results. CoolSculpting uses cryotherapy, cold temperatures, to eliminate fat cells – hence the name! The cold temperature causes fat cells to go through apoptosis, or cell death. Apoptosis is a normal and controlled form of cell death that occurs in the body on a regular basis. SculpSure, on the other hand, exposes fat cells to extremely hot temperatures. Unlike apoptosis, which is a natural form of cell death, these hot temperatures cause necrosis – an unnatural process that damages cells, tissues and organs increasing the risk of scar and uneven fat removal. Given the stark differences between natural and forced fat cell death, it was important to me that – in an effort to deliver natural, beautiful results – we choose a technology that best aligned with our practice’s philosophy.

Another notable difference between CoolSculpting and SculpSure is the overall safety of each treatment. CoolSculpting uses freezing temperatures that are cold enough to target fat cells, but pose little to no harm to surrounding tissues. SculpSure, however, uses extremely hot temperatures that can harm the skin and tissue around fat cells. These hot temperatures can not only scar your skin, but also increase the pain and total recovery time necessary after treatment.

The final difference – and primary reason I embraced CoolSculpting at Seiler Skin – is the overall effectiveness of each treatment. Many people believe fat cells multiply over time due to a poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle, but the truth is they only expand. The cryotherapy science which drives the results of CoolSculpting works to eliminate fat cells entirely, giving patients long-lasting results they can maintain with the right lifestyle choices. CoolSculpting treatments are also more tolerable and less painful since cryotherapy science stays at a constant temperature throughout the entire procedure. Laser technology relies on heat to achieve results, requiring the practitioner to increase the temperature depending on the area of the body being targeted. The need for heat can make a treatment much more painful and intolerable, oftentimes to the point that a patient stops the procedure. This can result in a laser such as SculpSure potentially shrinking the fat cells as opposed to eliminating them, which means less noticeable and shorter lasting outcomes.

As mentioned before, I perform very thorough due diligence when deciding if any treatment has a place at our practice. I rely on my training, expertise and experience, as well as proven results and reputable research from both industry leaders and medical publications. A year after bringing CoolSculpting to Seiler Skin, I still firmly believe it is the superior body contouring treatment. CoolSculpting has been around longer than SculpSure and is backed by years of scientific research proving its effectiveness and safety. The applicators and technology used in the treatment not only produce better results, but also allow practitioners like myself to target areas of the body that SculpSure simply cannot reach. I can honestly say that – after a full scientific, medical and technology evolution – bringing CoolSculpting to Seiler Skin was, and remains, a no-brainer.

If you are interested in learning about this treatment and if you are an ideal candidate, call us today or schedule your very own CoolSculpting consultation.

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