Self-Care with Seiler Skin: COVID-19

By Jill Seiler & Dr. Seiler

2020 has been an interesting year, to say the least. As we’ve all collectively established a “new normal” for our daily lives, each and every one of us has been challenged to some extent. We’ve experienced these challenges firsthand as we’ve implemented new policies to prioritize the safety of our patients and team members, socially distanced from our loved ones and moved twice (yes — twice) in the last few months. We’ve also talked with so many of you about your own ways of coping and the different stressors that have come about during COVID-19.

While we specialize in skin health, we know this is just one component of overall wellness. It’s important we act as a community now and help one another weather these difficult times, so we thought to share some ways we’ve kept our lives as active and normal as possible.


Sticking to an exercise routine can be difficult when many of the resources we’re accustomed to using — namely the gym — are off limits. We have found new ways to incorporate fitness into our schedules with the tools and resources we do have. We recently bought some workout equipment and turned one of our rooms into an at-home fitness center. Not only does this help us avoid the crowds at gyms, but we’ve also worked out more given it’s right there and ours to use whenever. Replicating your usual routine likely isn’t 100% possible — and that’s okay! So long as we’re staying active in some way, we’re giving our bodies the fuel they need.


The Alabama heat and humidity may have us breaking out in a sweat right now, but we can all agree that there’s never been a better time to explore the outdoors! Whether it’s your own backyard or a nearby walking trail, social distancing reminds us that spending time in nature is so important for our physical and mental health. We love the outdoors and being on the water, so a few months back we bought a tandem fishing kayak from the Yak Shak in Pelham and even made friends with the owners. It’s been great fishing the last couple of months and just taking time to get in some fresh air. Find an outdoor activity you and your family can love — but don’t forget to pack your medical-grade sunscreen!


We’ve really enjoyed being able to support local restaurants by ordering carry-out on the weekends and taking advantage of outdoor seating for special occasions. One of our go-tos is Chuck’s Fish, which is hands-down our favorite sushi spot in town! Nights out are wonderful, but there’s nothing we love more than exploring new recipes while staying safe at home. Now is the time to really expand your culinary expertise and find that passion for cooking you’ve always searched for. From mastering the perfect sunny side up egg to getting fancy with one of our favorite dinner recipes, at-home chefs of all skill levels can find something to spice up their menu while social distancing. You can also spend time sampling new drink recipes — we’ve enjoyed our fair share of bourbon brands and added to our “COVID cork collection”!

Alone Time

We know what you’re probably thinking — alone time, really, when we’re already having to stay away from our loved ones? It’s true we may be spending more time on our own lately, but there’s a difference between being by yourself and taking time for yourself. We all need that time during the week we can dedicate to ourselves and indulge in self-care that truly makes us feel happier. Even though we live together, we’re always making time for ourselves. Jill loves designing and creating new ideas for potted plants (you can never have too much greenery around) while Warren is exercising his own green thumb with the new wooded acres on our new property.

The times we live in are difficult right now, but if there’s one positive thing we’ve gleaned from 2020, it’s a newfound appreciation for the small things in life. Adventuring outdoors, enjoying a good meal, spending time with loved ones, interacting with patients — these things many of us take for granted are memories we should treasure and hold dear to us when things get rough. Know that the two of us are right here alongside you and committed to overcoming these obstacles together. We can’t wait to see you back in our office and hope you take care!


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